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For port redirection, specify the IP protocol: tcp or udp. The global_IP_addr is the global/public IP address that the outside world sends traffic to. Instead of using this address, you can specify the interface parameter, which will have the appliance use the address assigned to the global_if_name interface. The global port number is the port number of the application that the external device is trying to reach, like 21 for FTP. The local_IP_address is the actual IP address assigned to the internal device, and the local_port_# is the port number the application is listening to on the internal device. The other parameters were discussed previously in the Identifying Local Addresses for Translation section.
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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One can assume in vehicular communications that the vehicle will be in motion. As the vehicle moves from cell to cell, it will move out of range from the first site, but come into range of the second site. The received signal on the monitoring channel will begin to fail (get too weak to hear), as shown in Figure 20-3 . Immediately the telephone will rescan all the monitoring channels and select a new one. After the vehicle finds a new channel, it will continue to monitor that channel until such time as it rolls out of range again. This concept of rolling from site to site allows the vehicle to be in constant touch with the mobile telephone switching office so long as the set is on.
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FIGURE 6.3 Radial cam layout distortion.
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Solve x2 + 6x + 5 = 0 by completing the square.
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TABLE A-4 Institute Academy of Converging Media Games Academy Homer College Utrecht School of the Arts/ Faculty of Art, Media & Technology Noroff Instiuttet Enginyeria i Arquitectura La Salle (Universitat Ramon Llull) Universitat Pompeu Fabra E.T.S.I.Telecomunicaci n. Universidad de M laga Playground Squad Halmstad University PowerHouse Lule University of Technology City Berlin Berlin Athens Hilversum Attiki CL Region Country Germany Germany Greece Netherlands Norway Spain Spain Spain Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden UK UK UK Web Site www.academy-ofconverging-media.com www.games-academy .com www.omiros.gr http://emma.hku.nl
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6 Developing Data Models for Business Databases
Your Soul Map and Your Sacred Agreement
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CompactFlash 8MB 4 AA alkaline batteries Auto/on/off, auto red-eye reduction, slow-sync USB, video out, Canon photo printer JPG AVI 320 240; 160 120 ppi 2.5 30 seconds 4.3 2.8 1.5 inches 8.8 ounces without battery and CF card Direct printing to Canon Card Photo CP-100 or CP-10 printers ArcSoft Camera Suite CD-ROM Wrist strap USB cable AV cable 4 AA batteries
The most widely anticipated deployment of WiMAX is in wireless access networks as an access technology. However, in terms of topology, the typical deployment scenarios for the other applications discussed previously would not differ significantly from the simple deployment scenario described here.
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