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but are not technically a feature of the C# language.) However, there is one part of C# that relates directly to the assembly: the internal access modifier, which is examined next.
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The following sections cover these commands.
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In this chapter, you learned two tools to improve your rst drafts. You were able to add specificity by integrating numbers, facts, statistics, and examples, and you discovered how to select words and phrases using the principle of FURY as a guide. In the next chapter, you re going to learn ve important strategies for ensuring that even your most complex communications emphasize your key points concisely.
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struct date{ int da_year; /* year */ char da_day; /* day of month */ char da_mon; /* month, Jan=1 */ };
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extract data into multiple MS Access databases and create custom dashboards and front ends.
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// Demonstrate #if, #endif, and #define. #define EXPERIMENTAL using System; class Test { static void Main() { #if EXPERIMENTAL Console.WriteLine("Compiled for experimental version.");
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121,000 121,500 122,000 122,500 123,000 123,500 124,000 124,500 125,000 125,500 126,000 126,500 127,000 127,500 128,000 128,500 129,000 129,500 130,000 130,500 131,000 131,500 132,000 132,500 133,000 133,500
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// Use an access modifier with an accessor. using System; class PropAccess { int prop; // field being managed by MyProp public PropAccess() { prop = 0; } /* This is the property that supports access to the private instance variable prop. It allows any code to obtain the value of prop, but only other class members can set the value of prop. */ public int MyProp { get { return prop; } private set { // now, private prop = value; } }
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Method public BitArray And(BitArray value) public bool Get(int index) public BitArray Not( ) public BitArray Or(BitArray value) public void Set(int index, bool value) public void SetAll(bool value) public BitArray Xor(BitArray value)
MyClass anotherOb = ob.Factory(i, j); // get an object
The C++ Stream Classes
packet stays on the backplane of the ASA and is processed further by the ASA. When the policy is in promiscuous mode, the IPS card itself cannot drop attacks; however, it can reset TCP connections, and it can log into the ASA and set up a shun (commonly called a block) to block offending traffic. Inline mode has the card be proactive, allowing it to drop offending packets, while promiscuous mode has the card be reactive, where it can t drop the initial offending packets. Both have advantages and disadvantages. While traffic matching a policy is in inline mode, the traffic must go through the card, causing delay; plus if traffic is sent to the card that exceeds its processing capabilities, the card can be overwhelmed and drop packets. The upside of promiscuous mode is that if the card is overwhelmed, it doesn t affect traffic because the original packets stay on the backplane of the ASA. Plus, you ll get a higher Mbps performance rate by using promiscuous mode. However, the problem with promiscuous mode is that it can t effectively deal with atomic (single-packet) or Trojan horse attacks, since its reaction to the attack would typically be too little, too late. AIP-SSM Configuration After you ve identified what traffic you want the card to process with a layer 3/4 class map, you can associate the AIP-SSM policy to it with the following configuration:
Information Asset Protection
must be entered to begin the arrest warrant process. (A fingerprint recognition system is planned for future use. Judges and officers will log on to the system by placing their finger on a small scanner.) The signature software ensures the signatures on the arrest warrant are secure. Users of the system must first enroll their signatures with the system; users sign their names ten times using the digitizer. The biometric signature software records the time it takes to sign a name, the type of pen strokes used to sign a name, and other distinctive characteristics of each signature. When a user signs their name, it is compared to the record of the signature enrolled in the system in a one-to-one match (verification). To enhance security, the signature software also binds the signatures cryptographically to the electronic documents. Signatures cannot be altered once they are so bound. If the document is altered, the signature automatically voids itself. All of the electronic documents are stored on the server as read-only memory, so the documents cannot be altered. To access data on the server, a judge s password is needed. The system has been well received by both police officers and judges as it has significantly reduced processing time for arrest warrants. (Arguably, criminals prefer the old inefficient system.) The electronic arrest warrant system could be particularly useful in rural counties where officers routinely have to travel long distances to get to the courthouse. The system would also be welcome in large cities plagued with rush-hour traffic.
Examples of isometric views and a fairly wide-angle view of the same object.
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