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What are cervical polyps Small, pedunculated, benign neoplasms of the cervix composed of a vascular connective tissue stroma covered by epithelium. They commonly arise via focal hyperplasia of the endocervix and protrude from the cervical canal out of the external os. Relatively common especially in multigravidas over 20 years of age. They are rare before menarche but may develop after menopause Asymptomatic polyps often are discovered on routine pelvic examination. Otherwise they usually present with intermenstrual or postcoital bleeding or discharge Although carcinoma developing in a polyp is rare, polyps should be removed close to their attachment and pathologically reviewed
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Notice that this example does not include a default case. Remember, the default is optional. When not needed, it can be left out. In C#, it is an error for the statement sequence associated with one case to continue on into the next case. This is called the no fall-through rule. This is why case sequences end with a break statement. (You can avoid fall-through in other ways, such as by using the goto discussed later in this chapter, but break is by far the most commonly used approach.) When encountered within the statement sequence of a case, the break statement causes program flow to exit from the entire switch statement and resume at the next statement outside the switch. The default sequence also must not fall through, and it too usually ends with break. The no fall-through rule is one point on which C# differs from C, C++, and Java. In those languages, one case may continue on (that is, fall through) into the next case. There are two reasons that C# instituted the no fall-through rule for cases: First, it allows the compiler to freely rearrange the order of the case sequences, perhaps for purposes of optimization. Such a rearrangement would not be possible if one case could flow into the next. Second, requiring each case to explicitly end prevents a programmer from accidentally allowing one case to flow into the next. Although you cannot allow one case sequence to fall through into another, you can have two or more case labels refer to the same code sequence, as shown in this example:
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300 =IF(D27,D27,B46) 1,720 =SUM(D3:D5) 1,090 =D9+D10+D22+D25+D28 902 =D18 1,992 =D31+D32 272 =D33-D30 0 =-MIN(D34,0) 272 =MAX(D34,0) 272 =MIN(D38,D22) 0 =MIN(D38-D39,D25) 0 =MIN(D38-D39-D40,D28) 0 =D38-SUM(D39:D41) 28 =D22-D39 300 =D25-D40 300 =D28-D41
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Blends and Contours
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public Gen(T o) { ob = o; } // Return ob. This method is virtual. public virtual T GetOb() { Console.Write("Gen s GetOb(): " ); return ob; } } // A derived class of Gen that overrides GetOb(). class Gen2<T> : Gen<T> { public Gen2(T o) : base(o) { }
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Biometric Credit Unions (from Bill Rogers , Biometric Digest)
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Hold SHIFT as the modifier key while dragging
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Figure 13-5. The conceptual design of a package-building process
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Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
In practice, most bridges are a single span with two or three lanes over narrow rivers. Piers are needed for continuous spans over highways, valleys, or wide rivers. The minimum single span for a bridge is 20 feet, below which a culvert is normally used. Pedestrian bridges with lighter live loads can be smaller in length than 20 feet.
Let us discuss the side thrust effect on different cam curves. In Fig. 6.4, it has been shown that the greater the pressure angle, the greater the magnitude of the side thrust on the follower. During action, the side thrust varies continuously, depending on the cam curve used. Let s compare cam curves on the basis of the magnitudes of the side thrust they produce. Fig. 6.5 presents such a comparison for a number of cam curves under the same conditions, i.e., equal base circle size, equal range of cam rotation b, and equal loading condition. In addition, all cams had unity lift and unity follower weight. Also, the maximum side thrust of the parabolic curve is to serve as a basis of comparison with the side thrust of all other curves. From Fig. 6.5, it is apparent that the trigonometric function and the modi ed trigonometric function curves are superior to the others, and that the trapezoidal, the modi ed trapezoidal, and the 4-5-6-7 polynomial curves produce about the same magnitude of side thrust. The cubic no. 1 curve and the circular-arc-tangent curve give the greatest amount of side thrust. 6.3.3 Pressure Angle Forces Oscillating Roller Follower The oscillating roller follower is generally an improvement over the translating type in that the distribution of forces allows a much larger limiting pressure angle for satisfactory performance. Thus, with an oscillating follower, a smaller cam may be used. It is suggested for best performance and highest accuracy that the trace point arc of motion should pass near or through the cam center. Also, by proper location of the follower pivot, it becomes virtually impossible to jam the follower, no matter how steep the cam surface. The extreme limiting condition is to make the pressure angle small enough to prevent the
Use the show version command to see the IOS version being used by the
The if Statement
When retouching a photo, it s a good idea to do your work
return-type f2(parameter list) { statement sequence } . . . return-type fN(parameter list) { statement sequence }
is illegal because A does not inherit B.
To make this function useful to return a row number, the range used in LookupArray should start with row 1 in the column. In fact, the range can be the whole column, which can be easily defined by leaving out the row numbers, thus: = MATCH Bob ,B:B,0 This will identify where the first occurrence of Bob would be in all 65,536 rows of column B. INDEX INDEX returns the value of a cell within a range, by locating its row position and its column position. The syntax is: = INDEX Array,RowNumber,ColumnNumber The Array is any range storing the data. The RowNumber is an integer greater than 0 that specifies which row within the Array the data point is in. RowNumber 1 means that the data point is on the first row of the Array. This can be omitted if the Array is a one-row range.
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