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Computer\ Administrative Templates\System\ User Profile Computer\ Administrative Templates\System\ User Profile
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When using a collection such as LinkedList<TKey, TValue> that stores key/value pairs, you will need to supply pairs of initializers, as shown here:
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Unlike linear systems for video playback, such as lm or videotape, DVD offers random access to the content on disc. Once is a disc is inserted in a player, a main menu can be accessed, which guides the user through the various types of content available on the disc. This may include a chapter view of a movie (allowing the viewer to jump to a particular point in a lm), production information in video form, still images, audio content, interviews with directors and cast, and so on.
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Cube Deployment and Processing
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1. Specify the NAME and corresponding CODE of a user on the Omni II system. The NAME corresponds to the name of a Code on the controller. The CODE is the code associated with that name. (For example, Dave 1111). These names and codes can be checked on the PC Access software. 2. Indicate which start page you wish to use for Web-Link II. The drop-down list provides the available Web-Link II. The Home page is the default. 3. If you don t want to go through all the username and password steps, you can check the Remember Password check box. This will store your login information on this particular computer. If you attempt to log in on another computer, you will be prompted for your login information. 4. Click the Login button to start Web-Link II. 5. When finished, click the Logout button on the top right of the page. If you don t log out before closing your browser, or if you surf away from Web-Link II to visit another web site, you cannot log in to Web-Link II using the same username for at least seven to ten minutes.
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PDH Networks 170 Wide Area Networks
For a user working from home or at an office, ISDN provides the means of access to the IDN. Figure 9.1 shows the variety of locations from which users might need to access remote databases, connect to the local area network (LAN) at the office, or use any of the services available to users over the IDN. ISDN satisfies some important user demands placed upon these services:
class Gen<T> {
Here is an example of this command:
242 Do-It-Yourself Pr ojects
a router was placed on each side of the security appliance, and the multicast traffic was tunneled using the GRE TCP/IP protocol, which uses unicasts. The problem with using GRE is that it adds overhead to the transmission process: longer packets and increased delay. Starting in version 6.2, Cisco added some multicast capabilities to the appliances: they can proxy IGMP messages from user devices to an IGMP router, and they can route multicast traffic using static multicast routes or Cisco s proprietary PIM routing protocol. Routing and multicasting are discussed in more depth in 4.
3: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
X10 remote controls employ two components. The first is a standard-looking remote control (shown on the left side of Figure 16-8). Naturally, this is the device on which you ll be making your control choices. This unit also houses an RF transmitter. This particular model, the Leviton DHC, sells for US$33.99.
When using the chfarm utility to change a Citrix Presentation Server s farm membership or create a new farm that will use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Engine Desktop Edition (MSDE) for the server farm s data store, a named instance of MSDE must be installed on the server on which you run chfarm. The default named instance that chfarm uses is CITRIX_METAFRAME. Running chfarm does not automatically install MSDE; chfarm must be installed manually using the MSDE Windows Installer installation package included on the MetaFrame XP server CD located in the Support\MSDE\MSDE folder. To create and install a named instance of MSDE, complete the following steps: 1. Insert the Presentation Server CD in your computer s CD-ROM drive. Do not use the autorun feature. 2. Open a command prompt and change directories to the CD-ROM drive. 3. Navigate to Support\MSDE\MSDE.
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