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Australian Bridges Tasman Bridge over Derwent River Recent Chinese Bridges Bridge over river Swedish Bridges Almo Bridge Near Gothenburg, Sweden 1980 Ship impact on steel arch due to lack of visibility in bad weather Southern China 2007 Bridge was hit by a ship in fog Hobart, Tasmania 1975 Ship impact, inexperienced captain
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Because of the risks associated with the congestion and the impairments to delivering the QoS, several techniques are used to shape the traffic and prevent massive congestion. The network providers offer specific service offerings based on the VPI and VCI for the enduser applications. These come in several types of services, as shown in Table 11-6 and constitute the way the traffic service offerings can be provided. Table 11-6: Comparing the Categories of Service Service Category Constant bit rate (CBR) Equates to The equivalent of a dedicated point-to-point leased line. This type of service is used when a specific amount of throughput is required, but it changes infrequently. The end user can commit to a fixed bandwidth and throughput and pay accordingly for the sustained throughput demands. The user will get and use a peak cell rate (PCR) from the carrier. This type of service can be used for real-time applications such as videoconferencing, sustained file transfers, telephony applications, audio applications, and the like.
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Frequency-domain Time-domain
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Native SMDS Interface Test Port
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Shape Rear Airflow
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C AUTION If you toggle to display tables that contain incompatible objects, only aggregate tables
Amplifier Design
Section Overview
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