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Further Insight Solution: If the yield is Y = 8 - 0.4t then in 10 years the yield goes from 8 (starting at zero time) to 8 - 4 = 4 in a linear fashion so the average yield over the 10 years is 6. This 6 million tons per year average times the 10 years produces the 60 million tons.
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This new integral is a bit easier to understand if we write the square root as a fractional power:
6 Application Details
Figure 3.8 Comparison between light flow in multimode step-index and graded fibers.
for(i=1; i <= 10; i++) { sum = sum + i; prod = prod * i; } Console.WriteLine("Sum is " + sum); Console.WriteLine("Product is " + prod); } }
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End customers, already proficient with Ethernet, also find it as appealing as a service for three major reasons: simplicity, flexibility, and ultimately, economics. These not mutually exclusive benefits are expounded further here. Ethernet is ubiquitous in the LAN. Well over 90 percent of LANs employ Ethernet, so using Ethernet services in the MAN/WAN extends this ubiquity and enables the same plug-and-play operation that characterizes the LAN (from an end-user standpoint, all this means is connecting a LAN switch Ethernet port to a Service Provider-offered physical Ethernet connection). Ethernet service also simplifies operational aspects significantly since, as per Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) estimates, nearly 99 percent of the data traffic flowing through the MAN and WAN originates and terminates on an Ethernet LAN port. Carrying and
invokes MyMeth(int x), but
OTE: The extern keyword is a necessary part of the linkage specification. Further, the linkage specification must be global; it cannot be used inside of a function.
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The ITU-T specifications include pulse height (voltage level); pulse shape (rise time, fall time, overshoot, and duty cycle); and equality of positive and negative pulses in a ternary signal. These measurements usually are made with an oscilloscope to check that the pulse shape falls within a prescribed mask. The physical interface is usually 75-ohm coaxial cable with a return loss of 15 20 dB, although with higher-speed SONET/SDH equipment the physical interface may be fiber optic. In addition, bit rates must be maintained within strict limits (see Table 26.9), and the tester must check that receiving equipment can operate correctly within this tolerance. Interface coding specifications include algorithms for AMI, HDB3, CMI, B3ZS, etc. (For a discussion of encoding mechanisms, see 3, Telecommunications Basics. ) Timing jitter is defined by ITU-T as short-term variations of a digital signal s significant instants from their ideal positions in time. The significant instant might be the rising or falling edge of a pulse. Figure 5.4b shows the occurrence and impact of jitter; at certain points in time, the pulse is significantly offset from its correct position. If this offset becomes large, then there will be an error when the receiver attempts to sample and decode the digital signal. The simplest way to measure jitter is with an oscilloscope and eye diagram; the eye area is shown in Figure 5.4a. Jitter appears as a spread or muzziness in the vertical transitions. Most telecommunications systems, however, require more precise
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