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Keep It Simple
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Force.com is Salesforce.com s on-demand cloud computing platform billed by Salesforce .com as the world s first PaaS. Force.com features Visualforce, a technology that makes it much simpler for end customers, developers, and independent software vendors (ISVs) to design almost any type of cloud application for a wide range of uses. The Force.com platform offers global infrastructure and services for database, logic, workflow, integration, user interface, and application exchange. Visualforce is essentially a framework for creating new interface designs and enables user interactions that can be built and delivered with no software or hardware infrastructure requirements. More on that later in the chapter.
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User-programmable word patterns are becoming increasingly important as a means of simulating extreme data patterns found in live traffic and to simulate and capture frame structures. For maintenance of telecommunications networks, a few standard word patterns are all that is required. In North America it is now common to provide a range of word patterns in a T1 tester for 1.544 Mbps. These might include all 1s/0s, 1:1 pattern density, 1:7 density, 3-in-24, and 55-octet (8-bit) user words. For general-purpose applications, particularly at high bit rates, very much larger pattern memories are common. For example, a 3 Gbps test set (HP 71603B) has a pattern memory of 4 Mbits so that complete frame structures for SONET/SDH systems and ATM systems can be simulated. With very large pattern memories, you should consider how they will be programmed, because it is impractical to program them by hand using the keyboard and display. Some test sets provide a diskette drive for downloading the word pattern. These disks can be programmed on a PC, and the test equipment manufacturer might well supply a disk with a range of standard patterns already stored. When reviewing the large pattern memory capability, one should investigate how the memory is arranged. Very large memories will be arranged as parallel bitmaps, which may limit the resolution the pattern can have. In other words, the stored pattern must be an integer number of smallest steps in memory. Some frame structures may require the repetition of several frames in order to make up an integer number of steps. For example, one pattern generator offers 1-bit resolution for pattern lengths from 1 bit to 32 kbits, rising to 128-bit steps for pattern lengths of 2 to 4 Mbits. Using the 2- to 4-Mbit range, your pattern would have to be an exact multiple of 128 bits. Finally, some pattern generators and error detectors allow switching between two stored patterns in order to investigate how a device under test responds to varying patterns. A gating input usually is provided to control the switching.
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Laboratory Manual
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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ob1: alpha: 4, beta: 5 ob2: alpha: 6, beta: 7 ob1 and ob2 have different values. ob1 after copy: alpha: 6, beta: 7 ob1 and ob2 have the same values.
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double balance = null; double currentBalance; currentBalance = balance 0.0;
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Plate elements with 3, 4, and 8 nodes or beam elements are used. Energy theorems and Castigliano s Principles are applied. The well-known method was originally developed by Clough and Wilson at the University of California Berkeley. Due to availability of high speed and large storage computers, FEM has been successfully applied to the modeling of bridges. Recent developments in FEM: 1. Boundary Elements Method (BEM) Developed by Carlos Brebbia and Hugh Tottenham, it uses the variational principle, which is transformed into a sequence of FEM equations. The number of equations is smaller than for FEM. Accurate predictions of stress concentrations near skew boundaries are possible. Presently approximate shear correction factors for skew angles range between 60 and 90 degrees. 2. Probabilistic Finite Element Method (PFEM) Developed by T. Belytschko at Northwestern University, this method eliminates various spurious modes that are associated with FEM modeling of nodal forces. The Lagrange Variational Principle is used. Probabilistic characteristics of stress-strain, strain-displacement, and random character of applied loads and outer boundary are accounted for, resulting in more accurate solutions.
Figure 1.2 The inevitable cycle in the life of a bridge.
Wiring It All Together
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