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Table 7-2
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Figure 2.9 When the amplitude and/or frequency of the baseband modulation changes, only the sidebands are affected: (a) 5-kHz high-amplitude and (b) 10-kHz low-amplitude modulation.
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n m (w + v ) S1 (f 2 , s2 ) ) = Ni(,w1) (f 2 ) M (j vk2 ( s2 ) pi , j k , w v f 2 s2 i =1 j =1
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if(left < j) qs(items, left, j); if(i < right) qs(items, i, right); } }
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11: Review Questions and Answers
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Ethernet Services in Urban Commercial Environment Optical wireless mesh is ideally suited for offering carrier-grade Ethernet services in metro environments where only a small set of buildings have access to fiber backhaul. Such opportunities may be located in a downtown-like environment or in business parks where fiber reach at one of the buildings could be extended virtually to the regions by means of deploying optical wireless mesh. Such deployment can provide Carrier Ethernet services to tenants in each building lit by optical wireless. In such environments, the relative short distance between the buildings enables the offering services comparable to that of fiber-optic networks.
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2 AA alkaline or NiMH batteries Auto/on/off, auto red-eye reduction auto/on, slow-sync USB JPEG AVI 320 240; 160 120 ppi 20 26 seconds 4.3 2.3 1.4 inches 6.2 ounces 10-second timer, stitch assist ZoomBrowser EX for Windows ImageBrowser for Mac PhotoStitch for Windows PhotoStitch for Mac RemoteCapture for Windows RemoteCapture for Mac Wrist strap 2 AA alkaline batteries USB interface cable
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Work has also been done on ATM over Satellite. Standardization of ATM over Satellite is underway and several organizations are working in parallel. The ATM Forum s Wireless-ATM (WATM) group has done some work on ATM over satellite. The Telecommunications Industries of America (TIA) Communications and Interoperability group (TIA-TR34.1) works on interoperability specifications that facilitate ATM access and ATM network interconnect in both fixed and mobile satellite networks. TIA is collaborating with the ATM-Forum WATM group. The standard development for satellite ATM networks is provided in ATM Forum contribution 98 0828. Other groups working on ATM and Satellite transmission include the following:
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513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 Return Code Description
N-PE layer
Administrator/Notification Settings -----------------------------------------------------------The password will be hidden while you type. Web console administrator password: cisco123 Retype Web console administrator password: cisco123 Administrator email address: richard.deal@dealgroup.com Notification email server IP: Notification email server port: (default:25) 25 Administrator/Notification Settings -----------------------------------------------------------Administrator email address: tester@example.com Notification email server IP: Notification email server port: 25 Are the notification settings correct [y|n] y
Remains identification Internal quality-control purposes Consensual uses Other limited uses as compelled by law
Once you have put a basic configuration on your appliance to allow ASDM access, you are ready to access the appliance using a web browser, and to download and execute the Java code. The following two sections will discuss how to access and download ASDM and how to use the Startup Wizard to put an initial configuration on the appliance that will allow outbound access for users, along with allowing the corresponding returning traffic back to the users.
Mess. Type = Label Request (0401) Message ID FEC TLV LSPID TLV ER-TLV Traffic TLV Pinning TLV Resource Class TLV Preemption TLV
Speci cation Prosine 2.0 Xantrex MS2000 Freedom Marine 10 Freedom Marine 25
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