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AAL 3/4 is designed for variable-bit-rate (VBR) services without real-time requirements, such as LAN or WAN data services. It incorporates sequence numbers, CRCs across the cell payload, and length and multiplexing fields; it is able to detect and recover from the error conditions introduced by the ATM network (primarily bit errors and cell loss). The AAL 3/4 functions require 4 bytes of overhead from every cell payload, leaving 44 bytes for service data. AAL 5 was a late addition to the standards. It was designed for the same services as AAL 3/4, but with greatly reduced error-handling capabilities. This reduction in capability allows a gain in efficiency over AAL 3/4 because no overhead is required in the payload of all but the last cell of the segmented service data packet. This gain in efficiency over AAL 3/4, and the expectation (hope!) that error events should be rare, is the primary reason why AAL 5 is defined in the standards for encapsulation of nearly all LAN and WAN services over ATM. AAL testing requirements center on ensuring that SAR functions correctly and that errors are correctly detected and handled. Additionally, AAL analysis can be used in the measurement of service goodput, the proportion of packets successfully reassembled versus those which cannot due to bit errors or cell loss.
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Router(config)# interface type [slot_#]port_# Router(config-if)# encapsulation ppp Router(config-if)# ppp pap sent-username your_hostname password password
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Figure 18.4 Final test station. The final test station is generally an equipment rack and, in the case of mobile test, will include: a cellular test set to establish a call with the mobile and make measurements, a computer to control the test station, a power supply to power the mobile, and display and printing devices for measurement results.
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TACACS was originally developed for the U. S. Defense Department and has been updated over the years by Cisco, resulting in an enhanced version called TACACS+. Because of the many changes Cisco has made to the protocol, TACACS+ is proprietary. Unlike RADIUS, TACACS+ uses TCP (port 49) for the connection to the AAA server and encrypts the entire payload contents in the security packets, making it more reliable and more secure than RADIUS. TACACS+ also supports a single connection feature the networking device opens a single TCP connection to the AAA server and uses this single
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3. Which IP protocol maps a layer 2 to a layer 3 address
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Final Exam
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Bold values available only in 10% tolerance. All other values available in 5% tolerance. Values beginning with 10, 15, 22, 33, 47, and 68 also available in 20% tolerance.
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a 3800 or 7200, to handle all of these dedicated circuits. Imagine that you had 100 routers and you wanted to fully mesh them: you would need 99 serial interfaces on each router and 4950 leased lines! Not even a 7700 router can handle this!
Single-Table Updatable Views 346 Multiple-Table Updatable Views 349
This is the latest addition for XenApp 4.5 Enterprise and Platinum Editions. The Application Streaming feature simplifies application deployment to end users. With the Application Streaming feature, you can install and configure an application on one file server and deliver it to any desktop or server on demand. Upgrading or patching an application is simple, because you are required only to update or patch an application stored in one place: on the file server. Here are some of the key benefits to utilizing the Application Streaming feature: Cost effective, scalable application delivery to end users and servers Lower cost of installing and maintaining applications and servers in large farms Access to any application, anywhere, anytime, regardless of connection
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you are saving the profile based on what you provide for the UNC path and the name you provide for the profile. Here is an example of what might be entered for the UNC path:
To access the Service Policy Rules element, go to Configuration | Firewall | Service Policy Rules, shown in Figure 27-12. From here you can create and modify your service policies: QoS, policing, application inspection, IPS, and CSC. Creating your policies is done by using the Add Service Policy Rule Wizard, accessed by clicking the Add button. The wizard has three screens: selecting an interface or a global policy, creating a class
Application Installation and Configuration
Part I:
The C# Language
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