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Forward current, IF (mA) Laser optical power output vs. forward drive current (typical)
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Replicated Data
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Business Writing for Results
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Envelope and Distortion Effects
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After 1973: Phoenix Rising, Quickly
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An IS organization that is responsible for the management of information and information systems must have a means for knowing what all of those assets are. More than
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long atol(const char *str)
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Portable and rugged equipment, allowing easy transportation to where it is needed in the knowledge that it will operate reliably once it gets there.
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In mid-2006, Microsoft purchased ProClarity Corporation. ProClarity was the creator of the most popular third-party analytics tool for Analysis Services (the most popular tool overall was Excel, but its analytics capabilities fell far short of ProClarity s.) ProClarity actually had several products, the primary two of which were the ProClarity Desktop Professional and the ProClarity Analytics Server. The Desktop Professional application was a Windows application while the Analytics Server was a web application that included a thin client analytics tool that mimicked almost all features of the Desktop Professional. Soon after ProClarity s acquisition by Microsoft, PerformancePoint Server was announced as the answer to the question for what would happen to the ProClarity Products. PerformancePoint Server was presented as the blending of Business Scorecard Manager and ProClarity into one product, with the addition of a planning module. In reality, the integration of the powerful analytics from the ProClarity platform did not happen as quickly as expected. The analytic features in PerformancePoint Server 2005 are good at what they do, but they are limited compared to a true analytic application. The analysis features that made it into PerformancePoint Server are wrapped up primarily in two reports: the Analytic Chart and the Analytic Grid. There are other ways of getting additional analysis but they rely on the Office Web Components, which require both an installation of components on the client machine and a client license. The Analytic Chart and Analytic Grid are very good at what they do, allowing users to drill down to explore additional data, as well as use filters to change some of the data, but they are basically limited to this functionality. End users cannot change the dimensions being examined in a report (for example, they can t replace products with customers on the rows). The Analytic Chart and Analytic Grid are mentioned in 5 and covered in more detail in 6. Figure 2-2 shows an example of the Analytic Chart and Analytic Grid reports. In order to address the analytics shortfall in PerformancePoint Server, Microsoft is keeping the ProClarity product line alive for the time being. Customers who purchase a license of PerformancePoint server will also get a license for ProClarity. Customers interested in using PerformancePoint Server for analytics will almost certainly install and use the ProClarity Analytics Server, and Microsoft has added a report type in PerformancePoint Server that ties to a report, called a view in ProClarity Analytics Server.
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Inside Engine Spaces
One of the biggest problems facing early television designers was displaying images fast enough to achieve a smooth illusion of motion. Early video hardware was simply not fast enough to provide the required flicker fusion frequency of around 50 or 60 frames per second. The ingenious expedient solution was to cut the amount of information in half by alternately transmitting every other line of the picture (see Figure 2.27). The engineers counted on the persistence of the phosphors in the television tube to make the two pictures blur into one. This approach to image presentation is continued with the high definition format of 1080 lines, first the 540 odd lines are sent and displayed, followed by the 540 even lines. This is called interlaced scanning. Each half of a frame is called a field. Figure 2.27 Interlaced Scan and Progressive Scan
Data Store Design and Recommendations
that by looking at Equation 4, the voltage must also exceed the no-load current multiplied by the internal resistance for the motor to start turning.
Table 11.6 summarizes the incremental costs of using EoS-equipped MSPPs to deliver the Ethernet services in this example network. These solution costs use the typical unit costs in Table 11.5 and, for simplicity, do not consider fiber costs (i.e., they assume the required fiber already exists).
Detected an active mate Beginning configuration replication to mate. End configuration replication to mate.
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
table. The C A S C A D E delete option is set in both foreign key constraints (see Figure 6.28). 6. Generalization Hierarchy Rule: Each entity type o f a generalization hierarchy be c o m e s a table. The columns o f a table are the attributes o f the corresponding entity type plus the primary key o f the parent entity type. For each table representing a subtype, de fine a foreign key constraint that references the table corresponding to the parent entity type. U s e the C A S C A D E option for deletions o f referenced rows.
Virtual versus Physical Images
house.Floors = 2;
General Behavior
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