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Sales Result 50% or 100% or 125%
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The MultiRead standard makes it possible for CD-RW discs to be read effectively in compatible CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives. This standard is necessary because CD-RW media re ects less light than other forms of pressed or recorded compact discs. MultiRead-compatible drives can adapt to the variations in recorded data from one type of media to another, primarily by adjusting the intensity and focus of the laser read assembly when CD-RW media is detected. The MultiRead standard also speci es the interface requirements to the host computer and ensures compatibility in this area. An extension of this approach called the Super MultiRead standard is being developed for rewritable DVD media (including DVD-RAM and DVD+RW) to provide similar compatibility for data recorded on rewritable DVD discs and played back in Super MultiRead compatible DVDROM drives and DVD-Video players.
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IS auditors should be supervised to ensure that their work supports established audit objectives and meets applicable audit standards. IS auditors should obtain and retain appropriate evidence; auditors findings should reflect analysis and the evidence obtained. The process followed for each audit should be documented and made a part of the audit report.
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float clip clip defines the area outside which an absolutely positioned element s content is not visible.
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LAB 25.1
The following are the core components of the Access Gateway: VPN virtual servers Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting servers Client plug-ins or the Secure Access Client Internal resources to be accessed
Embellishments: Bevels, PowerClips, and Shadows
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