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Control object
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This fragment sets the file TEST.TST to read only:
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primary(config)# show failover Failover On Cable status: N/A - LAN-based failover enabled Failover unit Primary Failover LAN Interface: lanfail Ethernet0/2 (up) Unit Poll frequency 500 milliseconds, holdtime 2 seconds Interface Poll frequency 5 seconds, holdtime 25 seconds Interface Policy 1 Monitored Interfaces 0 of 250 maximum Version: Ours 8.0(3), Mate 8.0(3) Group 1 last failover at: 01:15:13 UTC Jan 1 1993 Group 2 last failover at: 01:11:19 UTC Jan 1 1993 This host: Group 1 Group 2 Primary State: Active time: State: Active time:
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WARNING: The output terminals of a working generator are protected by neither a fuse, circuit breaker, nor ground fault circuit interrupter. At 120 or 240 volts AC, contact with a terminal and a grounded part of the vessel at the same time could be lethal. If you are not highly versed in dealing with generators, don t attempt measurements on the generator while it is running. As a further precaution, disable any remote-start circuitry. The owner s manuals of high-quality generators usually contain extensive maintenance and troubleshooting guides for the speci c model. If yours doesn t, purchase a copy of the shop manual, which will have the guides. The troubleshooting guide included here is general and not intended to replace a manufacturer s guide. Most generators have sealed bearings, which require no lubrication. This does not include the generator engine, which must be maintained to the same degree as the boat s propulsion engine. Crankcase oil should be changed every 100 hours of operation and just prior to any extended layup. If the boat is in the north and the generator is not removed from the boat, the engine will require winterization, as well. If the engine is gasoline-fueled, the spark plugs should be replaced every year. If the generator contains brushes, check the brushes for excessive wear (more than 50%) and the slip rings for burning and pitting. Replace worn brushes with exact replacements from the manufacturer and follow the directions for seating the new brushes. The troubleshooting guide applies to both armature- and alternator-type generators. You will need to measure output AC volts, AC amps, and frequency. A proper generator installation should include AC volts, AC amps, and frequency panel meters in the AC distribution panel. For smaller generators use a multimeter to measure volts and amps. If you don t have a frequency meter, purchase one or build the one in Project 3, 14.
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Fig. 2.7
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Changing the Inactivity Timeout
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25 Frontage Road Andover, MA 01810-5413 (800) 735-6200 Fax: (978) 475-6715
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Retirement Plans
Some applications use the machine IP address for addressing, licensing, identification, or other purposes. This means to use these applications in a Citrix Presentation Server environment, a unique IP addresses for each user is required for these applications to function properly. Other applications may also simply try to bind to a static port that causes multiple attempts to launch the application in a multiuser environment to fail because the port is already in use. The Virtual IP feature enables you to assign a static range of IP addresses to a server and have these addresses individually allocated to each session, so configured applications that run within that session appear to have a unique address. Also, applications that depend on communications with localhost ( by default) can be configured to use a unique address in the localhost range (127. ).
char *_fullpath(char *fpath, const char *rpath, int len)
Calling Functions with Pointers
device: no shutdown and shutdown, respectively.
Ill 12-7
time bomb See logic bomb. time division multiple access (TDMA) An airlink standard for wireless communications between mobile devices and base stations. time synchronization A network-based service that is used to synchronize the time clocks on computers connected to a network. timebox management A technique of project management where a large project is broken down into smaller components and time periods. token A small electronic device that is used in two-factor authentication. A token may display a number that the user types in to a login field, or it may be plugged into a workstation to complete authentication. See also two-factor authentication. Token Ring A standard protocol for assembling a stream of data into frames for transport over a physical medium from one station to another on a local area network. On a Token Ring network, a three-byte token is passed from station to station over the network. A station may not transmit a packet to another station until it has first received the token. tolerable error rate The highest number of errors that can exist without a result being materially misstated. toll fraud An attack on a private branch exchange (PBX) that results in stolen longdistance telephone service. training The process of educating personnel; to impart information or provide an environment where they can practice a new skill. transfer The process of changing an employee s job title, department, and/or responsibilities. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) The connection-oriented protocol used in the TCP/IP suite of protocols to establish a connection and transport messages from one station to another over a network during a communication session.
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