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5. Your area of interest
Spaces requiring ignitionprotected equipment
position as the first light source, and the symbol representing Light Source 1 is gray, indicating that it is not selected and it is not at 100 percent Intensity. When an unselected light is at 100 percent Intensity, the symbol is white. Drag Light Source 2 to a different grid position in classic scene lighting, a secondary light of, say, 50 percent of the main light s intensity, is usually positioned directly opposite the main light to make objects look rounder, deeper, and overall more flattering with more visible detail than using only one light source.
Applications of Bridge Design and Rating Methods
STP Types
EXERCISE 37: Make It Clear The next task is to look for misplaced modi ers and unde ned jargon or technical terminology. Did you nd any If so, correct them. Brad said, Rereading the sentence about getting a fresh view, I realized that there was a misplaced modi er. Of course the risk manager knew about doing business in Florida and Georgia; it was my assistant who lacked knowledge. I revised the sentence to read: To get a fresh view, one of my assistants with no knowledge of the risks involved in doing business in either Florida or Georgia met with a risk manager. Also, I realized that saying that the data is tested and proven by fact checkers was inaccurate. What they were doing was verifying the accuracy of the data, not testing it or proving it. Finally, I realized that the term stochastic simulation, while accurate, is technical. I had decided to leave the term in because it was precise. I still thought that was the right decision. I thought it was important that the committee know the depth of analysis I performed. I had already decided to add an attachment showcasing the stochastic simulation; now I decided to add another page explaining how it works. Brad amended the sentence in question as follows:
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