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SIP defines two basic classes of network entities: clients and servers. Strictly speaking, a client (also known as a user agent client) is an application program that sends SIP requests. A server is an entity that responds to those requests. Thus, SIP is a client-server protocol. VoIP calls using SIP are originated by a client and terminated at a server. A client may be found within a user s device, which could be a PC with a headset attachment or a SIP phone, for example. Clients may also be found within the same platform as a server. For example, SIP enables the use of proxies, which act as both clients and servers. Four different types of servers exist: proxy server, redirect server, useragent server, and registrar. A proxy server acts in a similar way to a proxy server used for web access from a corporate local area network (LAN). Clients send requests to the proxy and the proxy either handles those requests itself or forwards them on to other servers, perhaps after performing some translation. To those other servers, it appears as though the message is coming from the proxy rather than some entity hidden behind it.
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Casinos are using other biometrics for a variety of purposes. For example, Oneida Bingo and Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin, uses biometrics to secure money. Money is concentrated in four areas, which include the vault, hard and soft count rooms, and the cage. Coins are counted in the hard count area. Dollar bills are counted in the soft count area. Visitors go to the cage to exchange chips for money or to receive bills for coins, and vice versa.
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All of the new fancy menu effects are interesting, but there are limitations. There is a limit of 16MB for all graphical elements used in the total of the menu pages of the HDMV menu set. While this sounds plentiful, it really is not when you look into the details. For instance, in order to render menu animations, a separate page has to be created for every frame displayed. Where a main menu bar is animated in ten frames onto the screen, ten menu pages would need to be rendered. And, although the pages would all be using the same source graphics, the amount of memory taken up would be a multiple of that, as each of the source elements needs to be decoded separately into the graphics buffer for each menu page. This restriction makes it very challenging to use animations within the HDMV menu framework. On a more fundamental level, as Interactive Graphics follow the same principles as Presentation Graphics, they are limited to 256 color/transparency combinations. While each menu page can have its own color palette associated with it, in practice this is not very common due to the fact that menu source elements will likely be shared between various menu pages, and differing color palettes may result in color shifts when switching pages. When using HDMV graphics may not result in a satisfying viewing experience, there is always the option to go with BD-J menus, as described later in this chapter.
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Notice that you must be in the serial interface (Interface Subconfiguration mode) to change its data link layer encapsulation. If you had a different encapsulation configured on the serial interface, executing this command would set the frame format to Cisco s HDLC. Note that the other side must be set to Cisco s HDLC or the data link layer will fail on the interface (the interface will be up, line protocol is down ).
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When you decide to manually extrude a shape, interactive markers appear around the resulting object after you perform the first step in an extrude: you click-drag on the face of the object you want to be the control object. The interactive markers offer you control over the position, depth, and vanishing point position for the 3D object. You ll be creating a 3D object by hand in the following tutorial, so it s good now to familiarize yourself with the elements that surround a 3D extruded shape, as shown in Figure 25-3. As mentioned earlier, you can apply a Preset extrude effect to receive a 3D version of a shape in lightning time; however, you might want hands-on control over the creation of an Extrude effect. Follow this tutorial to get a handle on what some of the Property Bar options do to an Extrude effect; in no time, you ll be able to sculpt whatever you envision as a scene that has objects with depth.
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Part II:
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Drop shadows This shadow type creates the impression that you re viewing an object from the front and that the object is basically lit from the front. Drop shadows are a popular effect; however, they don t always bring out depth in a composition, because the drop shadow suggests a face-front orientation of a scene a viewpoint usually reserved for driver s license photos and wanted posters in the post office. However, drop shadows will indeed perk up a web page, because the audience expects a face-front orientation, since we all tend to face the front of our monitors. Cast shadows This effect is sometimes called a perspective shadow in CorelDRAW. The effect suggests a shadow casting on the ground and diminishing in size as it travels to a scene s vanishing point. It visually suggests that the audience is looking into a scene from a perspective point, and is not looking at an object placed on a scene, as drop shadows tend to do. Glows All effects created by the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool are dynamically updated bitmaps, and as such they can look soft as shadows do on overcast days; they can also be put into merge modes. Therefore, you take a blurry bitmap, put it in Multiply merge mode, and you have a re-creation of a shadow. However, if you take that same blurry bitmap, give it a light color, and then put it in Normal or Add merge mode, you have a glow effect! This is part of what CorelDRAW does when you use a Glow preset (covered later in this chapter), and you have a lot of manual control for creating a shady or glowing look that perfectly suits a piece of work.
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The following includes the components of Presentation Server that should be backed up.
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The C# Language
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j ISO/IEC 13818-2:2000 Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and
can only chuckle at the poetic justice of 13, unlucky 13, being dedicated to security. As readers of the last book and of some of my Intelligent Enterprise articles may know, security is one of my least favorite topics. It s not that I don t find security necessary; it is! But from a business perspective, I am discouraged when overly secure systems are barriers to business users leveraging BI successfully. Further dampening my enthusiasm is that security in XI has gotten ever more complex and involves a steeper learning curve than other aspects of the suite. The good news, however, is that security in BusinessObjects XI provides much of what many customers have long awaited: better integration with external authentication systems, web-based administration, and permissions granted per universe and more! Security is a complex topic and requires that policies and procedures be firmly established yet flexible enough to accommodate a business changing requirements. As you approach this chapter, then, don t dive in hoping to start clicking away. Instead, I recommend you first familiarize yourself with how security works in BusinessObjects XI and then develop a security approach that meets your company s needs. Given the complexity of this topic, I have specifically chosen to use simple scenarios throughout this chapter, rather than reflecting complex implementations.
7. Error Analysis In the Pre-Lab hypothesis, did you select the best method for predicting
Internal Development
After completing the failover configuration on the primary, I ll create and set up the contexts. Again, this is done on the primary appliance. Actually this step can occur before or after the failover configuration. I ll create two contexts: ct1 and ct2. Here s the configuration, which I covered in 22:
NOTE: Because the production environment is the environment where UAT and QAT testing usually takes place, this environment must be absolutely pristine and free from the possibility of tampering by developers and other personnel. Planning Implementation is a complicated undertaking that requires advanced planning. Some activities may have a long lead time associated with them, requiring some implementation activities to begin during development or earlier. Prepare physical space for production systems An existing data center may be used for an application s servers and other equipment. But if there isn t room, or if an existing data center s available space is insufficient, then the organization may need to consider expanding an existing data center or consider a collocation center. Build production systems The actual servers that the application will use must be built and configured. If the organization does not have the necessary servers available, then they must be leased or purchased; depending upon the type of hardware, considerable lead time may be required. Once the hardware is available, personnel will need to install and configure operating systems and possibly other subsystems such as database management systems or application management systems. Install application software Once the systems are ready for the application software, it can be installed and configured. Migrate data For environments where an existing application will be retired, data from the former environment usually needs to be transferred to the new environment. Often this procedure requires the development of one or more custom programs to extract, convert, and insert the data into the new environment. This procedure is usually performed more than once: it must be rehearsed at least one time to make sure that it works properly. Also, migrated data is often needed for testing and training prior to the actual cutover. NOTE As each phase of implementation is completed, the newly completed component should be locked down immediately and treated as though it is already in production. Usually this is the only way to ensure the integrity of the environment. Training The success of the entire software development project hinges on the knowledge and skills on the part of several different people in the organization. Among those who may need training: End users The personnel who will be using the application need to be trained, so that they will know how to operate it properly. Customers If outside customers will be using the new application, they will need an appropriate amount of information so that they will understand
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
Production Phase Have internal adjustments been set to design values Have sufficient functions been verified to assure complete operation Has performance been verified at demanding environmental extremes Are all guaranteed performance parameters within test limits Is performance stable
This section provides an installation walkthrough of EdgeSight for XenApp. This material assumes a Windows server has been built according to company policies and procedures.
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