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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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// Wrong! public void MyMeth(out int x) { // ... public void MyMeth(ref int x) { // ...
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Nested switch Statements
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Most comparatives in English end in -er or use the word less or more. Most superlatives in English end in -est or use the word least or most.
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baseRef = dOb1; baseRef.Who(); baseRef = dOb2; baseRef.Who(); // calls Base's Who() } }
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(d) Let u = sec x, du = sec x tan x. Then the integral becomes u3 + C. 3
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Getting Hands-On with the Distortion Tool Markers
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Data Store Transactional Replication Presentation Server Presentation Server
Figure 2-1 Bimanual examination of the uterus and adnexa.
Examples: GetLocale() returns "en_US" if the locale setting is English US. GetLocale() returns "fr_FR" if the locale setting is French.
Experienced EV Conversions and Consulting
Installing Your Font
Virtual Methods and Overriding
iOb = strOb; // Wrong!
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