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FIGURE 1-5 BusinessObjects XI product line diagram. Reproduced with permission of Business Objects.
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9.2.2 ISDN Data Link layer
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A second use for VoIP is shown in Figure 30-2 , which uses a PC to telephone call. This is slightly less desirable because the PC uses an integrated microphone and speakers for the most part. Because they are not designed specifically for this application, they pick up all the noise in the background. Further, to prepare the real-time voice through the PC, the compression and conversion process occurs inside the PC, causing some clipping and chipping, echo, and other forms or latency and distortion. It is not the best solution in the industry, but it does work.
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Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements 104 Network Test and Measurement
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Another familiar data structure is the queue, which is a first-in, first-out list. That is, the first item put in a queue is the first item retrieved. Queues are common in real life. For example, lines at a bank or fast-food restaurant are queues. In programming, queues are used to hold such things as the currently executing processes in the system, a list of pending database transactions, or data packets received over the Internet. They are also often used in simulations. The collection class that supports a queue is called Queue. It implements the ICollection, IEnumerable, and ICloneable interfaces. Queue is a dynamic collection that grows as needed to accommodate the elements it must store. When more room is needed, the size of the queue is increased by a growth factor, which, by default, is 2.0. Queue defines the following constructors: public Queue( ) public Queue (int capacity) public Queue (int capacity, oat growFact) public Queue (ICollection c) The first form creates an empty queue with an initial capacity of 32 and uses the default growth factor of 2.0. The second form creates an empty queue with the initial capacity specified by capacity and a growth factor of 2.0. The third form allows you to specify a growth factor in growFact (which must be between 1.0 and 10.0). The fourth form creates a queue that contains the elements of the collection specified by c, and an initial capacity equal to the number of elements. In this form, the default growth factor of 2.0 is used. In addition to the methods defined by the interfaces that it implements, Queue defines the methods shown in Table 24-8. In general, here is how you use Queue. To put an object in the queue, call Enqueue( ). To remove and return the object at the front of the queue, call Dequeue( ). You can use Peek( ) to return, but not remove, the next object. An InvalidOperationException is thrown if you call Dequeue( ) or Peek( ) when the invoking queue is empty.
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Simplify the expression
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Oscillator Design
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phase modulation.
servers, and all those who access it are not remote, you d be at least somewhat assured that an Internet outage wouldn t affect your application. But it isn t your connection to the Internet that can be prone to outages. What if the site you re accessing has problems It s happened already. In July 2008, Amazon s S3 cloud storage service went down for the second time that year. A lot of applications were hosted by the company and all those services could not be accessed until techs could fix the problem. Some applications were down for eight hours. Also, there may simply be applications or data that you want located on-site. If you have sensitive or proprietary information, your IT security group may simply mandate that you not store it on someone else s machines.
FIGURE 2.5 Conversion of Figure 2.4
Analyzing methods in MyClass Methods supported: Int32 Sum()
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Rn where Condition factor System factor Resistance factor.
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