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Tolerance to failures (resiliency)
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Part II:
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agree on or upon (arrive at an understanding) agree to (go along with) agree with (believe the same thing as someone else) Michael and Joe have agreed on changing the schedule. Michael and Joe agreed to Mr. Peterson s ideas for changing the schedule. Michael and Joe agreed with Mr. Peterson s ideas for changing the schedule. angry at or about (irritated at or about something) angry with (irritated with someone) Mario was angry at the nding of the courts. Mario was angry with Jules for an inadequate defense. apply for (a job or other opportunity) apply to (a person or an organization) Mario decided to apply for the position of chef. After serving three months of the six-month sentence, Mario decided to apply for the early release program. Mario applied to Ms. Myerson for help in winning the parole board s approval. Mario applied to the new hotel for a job as chef. compare to (make a general comparison) compare with (evaluate speci c similarities and differences) Harriet compared my performance to Frank s. When Harriet compared my performance with Frank s, she said I was better at ad libbing but not as smooth in my delivery. convenient for (appropriate) convenient to (nearby) Des Moines is convenient for all of us. Des Moines is convenient to Chicago.
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Display filters If the frame meets the filter criteria, then pass it to the Protocol Decode; otherwise discard it. Discarded frames
Structural drawings showing construction in each stage should conform to traf c control plans. A set of applicable standard traf c control plans is to be used as a basis for developing the nal traf c control plans. These plans shall be customized to re ect site conditions and the ability of the shoulder to withstand traf c. Plans must comply with MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traf c Control Devices), Work Zone Traf c Control Guidelines and AASHTO LRFD speci cations. All nonstandard signs shall be sized according to MUTCD with letter heights and alphabet size given for each line. If shutting down will result in unacceptable delays from detours and/or if there is too much local opposition to shutting down, construction needs to be carried out in more than one stage.
Thanks for the dedicated efforts of the Infonetics Research team, who all contribute to each delivery of our research. Michael Howard ( 3) I d like to acknowledge all of the participants of the IEEE 8023.ah EFM working group who worked diligently to make this technology possible and all of the efforts of ITU SG15 to further expand the EFM market with continued improvements to the underlying technology. Matt Squire ( 5) Many thanks to Charles Bergren, Michelle Kuska, and Ralph Brown for their comments and their support of this work. Greg White ( 6) We would like to acknowledge Nuno Borges (Nokia Siemens Networks S.A., Portugal) for being open to all questions related to EPONs as well as financial support from Funda o para a Ci ncia e a Tecnologia, Portugal, through the grant contract SFRH/BDE/15524/2004 and from Nokia Siemens Networks S.A., Portugal. Marek Hajduczenia, Glen Kramer, Lowell Lamb ( 7) We are very grateful to Mr. Abdul Kasim for his constant encouragement, patience, and invaluable insight into the preparation of this chapter. In addition, we are indebted to Mr. Qing (Gary) Liu for his tireless assistance with many parts of the survey, diagrams, tables, typesetting, and overall proofreading. Nasir Ghani, Ashwin Gumaste ( 8) I wish to acknowledge the support of our investors and members of Ceterus Networks; without them, none of this would be possible. I also want to acknowledge the support of my family, my wife Liz and my sons Jonathan, Alex, and Stephen. Bill Szeto ( 9) I would like to thank Leon Bruckman, CTO, Corrigent Systems, and editor of the EEE 802.17 standard for his contributions to this chapter. Mannix O Connor ( 10) First things first thank you, Abdul, for inviting me to participate in this exciting project. Special thanks also go to Rodney Boehm, Bill Erickson, and Doug Saylor for your insightful comments, which helped shape this chapter. Joan, this is for you. Thanks for your encouragement and support. Paul Havala ( 11) Thanks to Latha Vishnubhotla for preparing lists of vendors and equipment costs. Norman Finn ( 13) Luca thanks Melissa for her patience during the writing of 14. Luca and Giles also thank MariaJose, Chris, and George for their review of the content. Giles Heron, Luca Martini ( 14)
Envelope shape copied from object
Straighten a Photo
The final powerful feature of the VB Editor is the Object Browser. This is a fundamental tool you can use when you decide to start programming by hand, rather than just recording macros. Each of these parts of the VB Editor is described in the following sections. A more thorough description is presented in Corel s CorelDRAW VBA Programming Guide. Also, any good general VBA book will provide additional detail.
Many high-end digital cameras and all digital SLRs can capture images in the RAW format. You do this by choosing the option on your camera menu. Your camera does not process images captured in the RAW format. Instead, you get the image that the camera image sensor recorded, which gives you more data with which to work. If your camera can capture images in the RAW format, a utility to process the images and save them as TIFF or JPEG files was included with your camera. To process the RAW images, install the software and follow the instructions to process your RAW images. Photoshop Elements 5.0 offers
Due to the volume deployment of DOCSIS equipment for residential broadband service, scale economics have made DOCSIS a very cost-effective solution for delivery of Ethernet service to a wide variety of customers. The rich quality of service controls and support for E-Line and E-LAN types of services make it well suited to providing Carrier Ethernet to business customers. On the other hand, current DOCSIS equipment cannot achieve upstream data rates in excess of 38.8 Mbps downstream and 30 Mbps upstream. Equipment available in the near future will push those limits beyond 100 Mbps. While these data rates are sufficient for many customers, they are not sufficient for all of them.
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