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f Reply { Context = 1001 { modify = T2 } }
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The history and dermoscopic picture are worrisome. An ink-spot lentigo might look like this dermoscopically. However, without the prominent pigment network it falls out of the range of a classic lesion. One has to create a dermoscopic differential diagnosis for the round white structures (ie, milia-like cysts vs follicular openings). Milia-like cysts and pseudofollicular openings can be seen in melanoma. This entire picture warrants a histopathologic diagnosis even if it is in a cosmetically sensitive area. Melanomas can start as a speck and remain less than 6mm for long periods of time.
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Blend paths, multipoint blends, and multi-object blends (covered later in this chapter) have to be created manually and cannot be saved as presets.
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Remember that you must have absolute control of your robot at all times and you must be able to shut it off remotely even if internal control parts break inside. Servo switching can be used for applications in which failures are not safety issues, such as for an arm that turns your robot right side up or an electrically driven lifting arm.
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Cessation of dilation after 4 cm or more despite adequate uterine contractions (>200 Montevideo units for 2 hours or more) With an amniotomy (if membranes are intact) and/or oxytocin (for hypocontractile uterine activity) Cesarean delivery she is in active phase arrest A latent phase (in the first stage of labor) of over 20 hours for a nullipara or 14 hours for a multipara Increased risks of cesarean delivery Newborn requiring NICU admission Thick meconium Depressed apgars
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prices to move from roughly $0.10 to $0.30 during this 50-year period. Yet in terms of inflation-adjusted real dollars, the cost of gasoline actually went down. Is it any wonder that no one cared how large the cars were in the 1950s or how much gas they guzzled in the 1960s Gasoline was cheaper than water. But there were also some problems: no major discoveries since the Alaskan and North Sea fields of two decades ago; the increasing concerns with oil supplies, beginning during World War II; the introduction of nuclear and natural gas energy alternatives in the 1950s; and the hardening of public opinion with the increasing frequency of smog and air-quality problems, oil and nuclear environmental accidents, and the foreign oil shocks. Already forced to comply with more stringent emission standards by the Clean Air Act of 1968, the first oil shock of 1973 caught the big three United States automobile manufacturers with their pants down. Japanese and European auto manufacturers had smaller, more fuel-efficient internal combustion vehicle solutions as a result of years of higher gasoline prices (due to higher taxes earmarked for infrastructure rebuilding). The market share lost by the big three to foreign automakers has never been regained. By the early 1990s, the wild oil party of the preceding 75 years was over. Environmental problems, the need for energy conservation, and the instability of foreign oil supply all signal that the sun is setting on the internal combustion vehicle. It will not happen overnight. In the near term the industrialized nations of the world and emerging Third World nations will consume ever greater amounts of foreign oil. But it s inevitable that a replacement of the fossil fuel burning internal combustion vehicle will be found.
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are described in the Wireless Design Software section, and both are located on the CD ROM disk included with this book. The first place to begin in the design of a PLL frequency synthesizer circuit is in deciding on what we want our center frequency, frequency swing (minimum and maximum frequencies), speed (lock time), and channel resolution (spacing) to be, then select the appropriate PLL chip, VCO, and reference oscillator that can safely, economically, and repeatedly meet these criteria. The following list should be completed so that the complete specifications of the PLL circuit of Fig. 5.4 can be clearly defined: HZ. The maximum output frequency required. Must never be FMAX more than the VCO was designed to handle, along with about 20 percent VCO frequency excess for a safety margin. Using a VCO with less tuning bandwidth decreases its phase noise. FMIN Hz. The minimum output frequency required. Must never be less than the VCO was designed to handle, along with about 20 percent VCO frequency excess for a safety margin. Using a VCO with less tuning bandwidth decreases its phase noise. FOUT MHz. Equal to FMAXFMIN ; must be a multiple of FCOM. KVCO MHz/V. Normally between 5 and 70 MHz/V. KVCO is the VCO s gain (sensitivity) measured in megahertz per volt, and is the amount of frequency deviation, in megahertz, that the VCO will travel when 1 VDC is placed at its DC frequency control input. K mA/2 . Charge pump gain (K ) is measured in milliamperes per 2 , and should be chosen at the highest value the PLL chip will allow in order to obtain the lowest phase noise at the VCO s output. This value will normally be either 1 or 5 mA/2 , and is typically selectable. A charge pump with a gain of 5 mA/2 would be preferred over a charge pump with 1 mA/2 if current consumption is not an issue. This charge pump gain value will also vary with the charge pump voltage supply. kHz. Normally equal to the channel spacing. FOUT and FREF FCOM must be a multiple of FCOM. Sometimes it may be required to use an FCOM that is a certain fraction of the channel spacing because of the PLL s internal prescaler. The higher FCOM is, the better the phase noise of the PLL. FC kHz. The loop bandwidth of the PLL filter. FC should be as narrow as possible to lessen spurious noise, but this will decrease switching speed. Normally FC should be between 1 and 20 kHz, but must be at least 1/20 FCOM (National Semiconductor recommends a 2-kHz FC if lock time does not matter). The choice of FC will always be a compromise between reference sideband suppression and lock time select a loop FC to just meet the lock requirement, but with an acceptable margin. (phase margin) degrees. Normally select a value between 30 and 70 degrees for the loop filter. The higher the phase margin, the higher the PLL s stability, but the slower will be its lock time. Choose a phase margin of
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Network security monitoring identifies activity on network resources that can be used to secure company-sensitive information. It brings IT the ability to:
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Circular dichroism Rotational symmetry Angular averaging Thermal averaging Rotational averaging
Low Intermediate High
ribbon look, check out the drop-down list at left on the Property Bar. Click any style to apply it. Figure 14-14 shows an example of an award; the circle still has an outline, but it takes one right-click to correct that.
TABLE 21-12 Methods De ned by Array (continued)
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Of all the commands I ve worked with on Cisco devices, the static command is the one I ve most commonly seen misconfigured because of the order of the parameters: local interface, global interface, global IP address, and local IP address notice that the local and global values don t match up in a logical order! NOTE The interface names and the addresses listed in the static command are reversed, which has created a lot of confusion for network administrators setting up static translations! Remember that translation policies always involve a pair of interfaces, as can be seen from the preceding syntax. The interface names are separated by a comma with no space.
2.2.1 Common protocol stacks
// Using break to exit a do-while loop. using System; class BreakDemo2 { static void Main() { int i; i = -10; do { if(i > 0) break; Console.Write(i + " "); i++; } while(i <= 10); Console.WriteLine("Done"); } }
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