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Notice the last line in the output. When the value 10 is left-shifted 30 times, information is lost because bits are shifted out of the range of an int. In this case, the garbage value produced is negative because a 1 bit is shifted into the high-order bit, which is used as a sign bit, causing the number to be interpreted as negative. This illustrates why you must be careful when using the shift operators to multiply or divide a value by 2. (See 3 for an explanation of signed vs. unsigned data types.)
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How You Can Use SUMIF in a Model You can use SUMIF in a particularly powerful way: as a way to total lines in a model, especially where you expect the model to have rows added or deleted by the user.
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Making a Graph
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By far, the most common use for one-dimensional arrays is to create character strings. In C++, a string is defined as a character array that is terminated by a null. A null character is specified using '\0', and is zero. Because of the null terminator, it is necessary to declare a character array to be one character longer than the largest string that it will hold. For example, if you want to declare an array str that could hold a 10-character string, you would write:
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Part II:
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Coaxial Cable Systems and Networks
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NOTE Ironically, some organizations use cloud computing to deliver their corporate intranet.
two wires are used for a single telephone line connection.
Side Bearings: Where to Position Your Characters
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