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For clarity we set ( x) = x 3 , ( x) = 3x 2 . The integral then becomes ( x) dx 1 2 ( x) We know that this last integral equals Sin 1 ( x) + C . .
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for i = 1, . . . , n - 1, and with y representing s in the case of translating followers, f in the case of their oscillating counterparts. Now, if we de ne the (n - 1)-dimensional vectors y, y , and y in exactly the same way as de ned in Subsec. 7.4.1, then the counterparts of relations (7.29) and (7.30) take the forms Ay = 6Cy y = (F - GC)y (7.38) (7.39)
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Illustrative Sales Compensation Plan
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Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise
TCP/IP Tools for Windows PCs
11.5.9 Use of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer for Lightweight Emergency Bridge
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