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Figure 6-15 Signal-security taps
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Con guration Register
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Choosing Distortion Modes
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There is an upper limit of 600 inches for nudge distance, which is fair enough, because, for example, nudging a shape 600 inches to move it is more easily accomplished by simply entering the intended position in the Property Bar s X and Y fields (then you press ENTER to apply the move). There s an easy way to remember some modifier keys. In many applications, CTRL means constrain, to limit, while SHIFT often means to add to or to extend. So super-nudging can be thought of as an extension to normal nudge distances (you hold SHIFT while pressing arrow keys), and micro-nudging is a constrained version of normal nudging (you hold CTRL).
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Here, strOb is assigned to iOb. However, strOb refers to an object that contains a string, not an integer. This assignment is syntactically valid because all NonGen references are the same, and any NonGen reference can refer to any other NonGen object. However, the statement is semantically wrong, as the commented-out line shows. In that line, the return type of GetOb( ) is cast to int and then an attempt is made to assign this value to v. The trouble is that iOb now refers to an object that stores a string, not an int. Unfortunately, without generics, the compiler won t catch this error. Instead, a runtime exception will occur when the cast to int is attempted. To see this for yourself, try removing the comment symbol from the start of the line and then compiling and running the program. A runtime error will occur. The preceding sequence can t occur when generics are used. If this sequence were attempted in the generic version of the program, the compiler would catch it and report an error, thus preventing a serious bug that results in a runtime exception. The ability to create type-safe code in which type-mismatch errors are caught at compile time is a key advantage of generics. Although using object references to create generic code has always been possible in C#, that code was not type-safe and its misuse could result in runtime exceptions. Generics prevent this from occurring. In essence, through generics, what were once runtime errors have become compile-time errors. This is a major benefit. There is one other point of interest in the NonGen program. Notice how the type of the NonGen instance variable ob is obtained by ShowType( ):
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Labeling Issues: To Print or Not to Print
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2: IT Governance and Risk Management
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Amplifier Design
Sample 2
object. Under Functions, double-click the @Prompt function to insert the syntax in the SQL statement, as shown here:
Point-and-shoot digital, high-end digital,
public Test() { // This works because of the new() constraint. obj = new T(); // create a T object }
Notice that in this example the DLCI has been manually mapped (static) and the status is deleted.
Notice that out is specified only in the extending interface s declaration. Specifying out in the base interface clause is not necessary or legal. One last point: it is legal for IMyCoVarGenIF2 to not specify T as covariant. However, doing so eliminates the covariance that extending IMyCoVarGetIF could provide. Of course, making IMyCoVarGenIF2 invariant may be required for some uses. Here are some restrictions that apply to covariance. A covariant type parameter can be applied only to a method return type. Thus, out cannot be applied to a type parameter that is used to declare a method parameter. Covariance works only with reference types. A covariant type cannot be used as a constraint in an interface method. For example, this interface is illegal:
Apply a filter when collecting data to capture only frames to or from the targeted application or component. Use the minimum available sample interval for maximum resolution over a limited measurement period. Use a test network when possible in order to isolate the device under test from other fluctuations in unrelated network traffic. Perform each benchmark several times and average the results, especially when testing on an operational network.
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