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As the program illustrates, a pointer expression with this general form *(ptr + i) can be rewritten using array-indexing syntax like this: ptr[i] There are two important things to understand about indexing a pointer: First, no boundary checking is applied. Thus, it is possible to access an element beyond the end of the array to which the pointer refers. Second, a pointer does not have a Length property. So, using the pointer, there is no way of knowing how long the array is.
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Contact her health care provider and present to the clinic or hospital for further evaluation DV is more prevalent among pregnant than nonpregnant women; it affects approximately 1 in 6 women
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We calculate: ( e4 ) ln 3 = e4 ln 3 = ( eln 3 ) 4 = 34 = 81; 1 5 7 4 2; = 5 7 ( 3) 4 2 = 5 4 2 = 3 2 625 5 ( 32 x 3 ) 4 = ( 32 ) 4 ( x 3 ) 4 = 38 x 12 = 6561 x 12 .
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Figure 22.3 Time division multiplexing (TDM) transmitter (a) and receiver (b).
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Part IV Smart Home Entertainment and Integration
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While only two options are shown in the first section, there are actually three available. The three options are Undelete, Undo, and Redo. If the active window is the code editor, then Undo and Redo appear. Select Undo to undo the most recent mouse or keystroke. Select Redo to redo the previous mouse or keystroke. If you are working on a form, then Undelete and Redo appear. Select Undelete to undelete an object that was just deleted. The Redo option works the same in the form window as it does on the code window. The number of undo steps can be set by adjusting the Undo Limit number in the Tools | Editor Options menu, under the General tab. This is where the Group Undo option for block undo operations can be set as well. The next section contains the standard editing options: Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, and Select All. These options function the same way in this IDE as in any Windows application. The last section in the Edit menu is available only in the form window. If the code window is active, this section is grayed out or unavailable. Align To Grid aligns the selected objects to the nearest grid point. The Bring To Front option moves the selected object in front of all the other objects. Send To Back moves the selected object in back of all the objects on the form. Align opens a dialog box that can be used to align the selected objects in relation to each other. Alignment of the objects can be either horizontal or vertical. Size opens a dialog box and controls the width and height of an object on the form. The Scale option opens a dialog box where a percentage number can be entered for proportionally resizing the objects. Tab Order opens a dialog box where the controls on the form can be sequenced. The tab order is the order in which the cursor moves when the tab key is pressed. The Creation Order option opens a dialog box where you can specify the order in which nonvisual objects are created. These nonvisual objects are placeholders, including a database connection component and a system timer, to name two. Flip Children opens a submenu where either All or just the Selected objects are flipped. The controls can flip from a right-to-left image or vice versa. Lock Controls locks down all the objects in the current form. Once the objects are locked, they cannot be moved or resized.
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Figure 31.2 The three elements of an SS7 network. The Service Switching point is a net-
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You can also leave text messages using a keyboard or electronic pen
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public void AddBefore(LinkedListNode<T> n, LinkedListNode<T> new) public LinkedList<T> AddFirst( T v) public void AddFirst(LinkedListNode new) public LinkedList<T> AddLast( T v) public void AddLast(LinkedListNode new) public LinkedList<T> Find(T v) public LinkedList<T> FindLast(T v) public bool Remove(T v)
This book is intended for anyone who wants to learn about the interactive entertainment industry and is thinking of getting a job in it. It gives you the basic information you need to know about how games are built and sold, and what kinds of skills are needed and careers are available in the industry. I wrote it primarily for people who want to get jobs as game developers and game testers, but it will also be useful if you want to work in the marketing, sales, accounting, business development, or legal fields. I don t expect you to know anything about programming or computer hardware, except to be familiar with the major elements of a personal computer: memory, hard disks, video displays, and so on. You don t have to know how these devices work, but you should understand the roles they play and be familiar with the terms used to describe them: kilobytes and megabytes of data storage, pixels of screen resolution, and things like that. If you ve ever used a personal computer, you probably already know more than enough to understand everything in this book.
Okay, you re just getting started, so the last thing on your mind is retiring and getting a gold watch. Think again. The population of America is aging. The number of people taking money out of Social Security is going up faster than the number of people putting money in. You re going to have to take responsibility for your own retirement; you can t be sure Social Security will be around when you need it. Very small companies won t have any kind of retirement plan at all; you re on your own to manage your own savings. The best way to do this is with a traditional or Roth IRA, and a tax advisor can explain the benefits of each. Larger companies will offer a retirement plan, but it s unlikely to be the traditional pension scheme in which the company holds the money and pays you a certain percentage of your salary after you retire for as long as you live. Those have been discredited in the scandals of the past few years, as some companies were caught mismanaging the pension fund or even misappropriating the money. In the game industry, the retirement plan is much more likely to be what s called a 401(k) plan. In a 401(k) plan, you contribute a percentage of your salary (that you get to choose) into a personal fund that is managed for you by a financial services company. The money you put in isn t subject to income tax. Once you retire, you can start taking money out of the fund, and only then is it taxed. You can also transfer the fund to another company s 401(k) plan if you change jobs. You can go on using the same fund even if you quit, too. Best of all, you, not the company, get to choose how your money is invested, usually from a suite of available opportunities ranging from safe but slow-earning instruments such as certificates of deposit, to high-risk things like aggressive-growth stock funds. You can even borrow money out of your own fund for certain approved items like medical expenses or buying a house.
selected Internet Object you have added to your document by using this command from the Object Properties docker (ALT+ENTER). Inserting a Java Applet or an Embedded File Internet Object requires that you have the applet or file available to upload to your server. All other Internet objects require scripting a type of programming to transfer data from your web page to your web server. You should contact your web page host to learn more about the scripts that they allow to operate on their server. Your web host should also be able to help you locate (or provide you with) free scripts for use in your web pages. Once you find an acceptable script for use with your objects, you can enter its Internet location using the Object Properties dialog.
Think of beta testing not just as a hoop to jump through on the way to a job, but a means of building up experience. That s what it really is.
Figure 16-9
A demo or portfolio that you present in person shouldn t be longer than ten minutes or so. You can afford for this to be a bit longer than a self-running demo because a) you have a captive audience; and b) by the time you ve gotten to the interview stage you already know they re interested in you. However, don t overdo it. Build in natural cut-off points transitions between projects or styles at which you can stop if your interviewer is looking impatient. Be sure it illustrates and supports your message. Don t throw in everything you ve ever edited, drawn, or programmed. Think of your demo as a kind of visual r sum : you want it to show you in the best possible light. Like your r sum , tune your demo for your audience. If the job is making artwork for a gory first-person shooter, leave out the cute bunnies you did during that project in college unless they clearly demonstrate a talent that transfers over to gory first-person shooters.
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