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will ultimately fail, causing IT to be outsourced or the business to go bankrupt. Finally, standardization takes a high degree of executive sponsorship, as standardization often means some users will need to make sacrifices, either in terms of shutting down other BI applications or in giving up customized or specialized functionality that may be important to a few but not to the enterprise as a whole. With so many barriers to standardization, I was pleasantly surprised to find in a TDWI survey I co-authored, Enterprise Business Intelligence: Strategies and Technologies for Deploying BI on an Enterprise Scale, a relatively high success rate: 58 percent consider their standardization efforts highly to very highly successful (based on 594 respondents from a mixture of company sizes and geographic locations). A third of organizations surveyed say they plan to standardize on an integrated suite of BI tools within two years, and another 24 percent have already standardized.
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It specifies two type parameters: T and V, separated by a comma. Because it has two type parameters, two type arguments must be specified when a TwoGen object is created, as shown here:
breq = brin +
cos( 2 /4) 1 . 2 2
The String class defines a large number of methods, and many of the methods have two or more overloaded forms. For this reason, it is neither practical nor useful to list them all. Instead, several of the more commonly used methods will be presented, along with examples that illustrate them.
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
Once hired into the organization, employees will require training in the organization s policies and practices so that their contribution will be effective and further the organization s goals. Regular evaluation will help employees to focus their long-term efforts toward personal and organization goals and objectives, in order to better focus their efforts. Training To be effective, employees need to receive periodic training. This includes Skills training This covers the need to learn how to use tools and equipment properly. In some cases, employees are required to receive training and prove competency before they are permitted to use some tools and equipment. Sometimes this is required by law.
Security Issues and Guidelines
Not only is QoS not confined to a single operator s network, but it is not confined to network issues in general. In other words, a quality service means a lot more than just good voice quality. In the competitive environment of telecommunications, low prices and advanced features may attract customers, but the best way to retain customers is to provide a consistently high service across all facets of the business. Given that a potentially high cost may be associated with acquiring a customer in the first place, the last thing a provider wants is to see a customer leave and go to a competitor. Therefore, QoS is provided not only by technical solutions in the network, but it is also provided through superior customer service, rapid service provisioning, 100 percent accurate billing, clear and concise product descriptions, and so on. Although this is a technical book that focuses on network solutions, we must remember that those network solutions provide only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to overall service quality.
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