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Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise
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Active/Active: LBF Configuration
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Figure 3.9 Digital data is unsuitable for direct baseband transmission through the telephone network
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Note that the equations are dependent upon the frequency, f, of the signal. Any cable transmission line can be represented by an equivalent circuit made up of R s, G s, L s, and C s, as shown in Figure 21.1 The quality of the cable is directly related to how well the manufacturer can control the tolerances on the R and L for the copper wire and the G and C for the insulating dielectric. High-precision cable, i.e., that with a narrow tolerance range of Z0 and throughout its length, will cost more. As requirements for more bandwidth (higher data rates) and longer distances increase, it becomes more economical to change media, from copper wire to fiber optics. Fiber optics will be addressed subsequently in this chapter. Another phenomenon of interest is the electrical wavelength of the signal and how it compares to our cable length. Equation 21.3 represents the relationship of velocity of propagation to frequency and wavelengths. Cables with lengths that are appreciably shorter than a quarter wavelength of the signals carried can be analyzed with conventional circuit analysis techniques. Cables that are approximately a quarter wavelength long, depending upon the termination value, can act more like antennas than transmission lines. = where: Vp = velocity of propagation of signal in meters/second f = frequency of source = wavelength in meters. Transmission line theory is used to analyze cable characteristics when the cable lengths of interest are appreciably longer than a quarter wavelength of the frequency of interest. Cable installations for data communication networks should be considered as multiple wavelengths for analysis purposes. This claim is substantiated with the following calculation. Most cable has a Vp of 0.7 to 0.8 of the speed of light. This is determined primarily by the insulating dielectric used in the cable. For 10Base-T Vp f (21.3)
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Application Details
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What is the first diagnostic test you should perform in a woman with a known intrauterine pregnancy who presents with vaginal bleeding
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We now have two equations and two unknowns for this circuit j(1.67)V1 + j0.33V2 = 30 120 j0.33V1 + (4 + j0.67)V2 = 0 Eliminating V1 we arrive at the solution in phasor space for V2 V2 = 0.53 j1.36 The magnitude of this complex number is r= The phase angle is = tan 1 Hence V2 = 1.46 68.71 To nd the voltage as a function of time, we recall that the frequency stays the same as the frequency given for the input. Therefore, we have the voltage across the capacitor as a function of time as v 2 (t) = 1.46 cos(100t 68.71 ) 1.36 0.53 = 68.71 (0.53)2 + ( 1.36)2 = 1.46
The following explore various Smart Home projects and show where, in this book, we will talk about these projects in more depth.
Game Design: Practical Game Design Optional: Conceptual Game Design Game Programming: All courses Visual design: Visual design fundamentals Audio design: Collaborative development Process management Optional: Interactive Storytelling: Story in Non-Interactive Media Optional: Critical Game Studies: All courses Optional: Games and Society: All courses
Here, the integer variable x is declared twice, once in main( ) and once in func( ). The x in main( ) has no bearing on, or relationship to, the x in func( ). Specifically, changes to the x inside func( ) will not affect the x inside main( ). Therefore, this program will print 199 and 10 on the screen. In C++, local variables are created when the function is called and are destroyed when the function is exited. Correspondingly, the storage for these local variables is created and destroyed in the same way. For these reasons, local variables do not maintain their values between function calls. (That is, the value of a local variable is lost each time its function returns.) In some C++ literature, a local variable is called a dynamic variable or an automatic variable. However, this book will continue to use the term local variable because it is the more common term.
Toolbars to have and how to customize the list of icons Gridlines Styles Column width Colors
Evolution and Rationale
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