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synchronous replication A type of replication where writing data to a local and to a remote storage system is performed as a single operation, guaranteeing that data on the remote storage system is identical to data on the local storage system. See also replication. system hardening See hardening.
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What about Bandwidth
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public static Nybble operator ++(Nybble op) { Nybble result = new Nybble(); result.val = op.val + 1; result.val = result.val & 0xF; // retain lower 4 bits return result; } // Overload >. public static bool operator >(Nybble op1, Nybble op2) { if(op1.val > op2.val) return true; else return false; } // Overload <. public static bool operator <(Nybble op1, Nybble op2) { if(op1.val < op2.val) return true; else return false; } // Convert a Nybble into an int. public static implicit operator int (Nybble op) { return op.val; } // Convert an int into a Nybble. public static implicit operator Nybble (int op) { return new Nybble(op); } } class NybbleDemo { static void Main() { Nybble a = new Nybble(1); Nybble b = new Nybble(10); Nybble c = new Nybble(); int t; Console.WriteLine("a: " + (int) a); Console.WriteLine("b: " + (int) b); // Use a Nybble in an if statement. if(a < b) Console.WriteLine("a is less than b\n"); // Add two Nybbles together. c = a + b; Console.WriteLine("c after c = a + b: " + (int) c);
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The DOCSIS specification was originally designed to cost effectively offer broadband (1 10 Mbps) access-network connectivity to a large number of residential customers over the existing CATV plant, sharing the spectrum with analog and digital video services. While data rates have been extended with the latest versions of the DOCSIS specifications, and numerous extensions have been introduced in order to support business customers, the other aspects of this statement still ring true. DOCSIS technology is clearly a good solution as part of a voice+data+video service offering where channel capacity is shared by a large number of customers. Further, with the maximum CMTSCM optical/electrical spacing of ~100 miles, DOCSIS technology works well in serving dense (urban) to moderately sparse (suburban) populations. From the Carrier Ethernet customer s perspective, Ethernet services over a DOCSIS network are a clear fit where data rates in the range of 10s of Mbps to the low 100s of Mbps are required. A DOCSIS network may be a particularly cost-effective solution when a customer has low committed information rate requirements, but high burst data rate requirements (especially when the peak data rates occur outside of the typical residential data peak demand times).
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Reference Data
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Placing wire on a punch-down block
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Threat Statistics Configuration
Should the vaccination be given during pregnancy How is congenital rubella treated
Different application strategies may be appropriate for different categories of users. For instance, mobile users will likely have some local applications, whereas office users may have none.
Assets Cash Marketable securities Accounts receivable Inventory Current assets Total current assets Fixed assets Accumulated depreciation Net fixed assets Investment in affiliates Goodwill
The natural numbers are the system of positive counting numbers 1, 2, 3, . . . . We denote the set of all natural numbers by N. The integers are the positive and negative whole numbers: . . . , 3, 2, 1, 0, 1, 2, 3, . . . . We denote the set of all integers by Z. The rational numbers are quotients of integers. Any number of the form p/q, with p, q Z and q = 0, is a rational number. We say that p/q and r/s represent the same rational number precisely when ps = qr . Of course, you know that in displayed mathematics we write fractions in this way:
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Written March 2000, updated September 2008. Clarifies Standard S3, Professional Ethics and Standards, Standard S5, Planning, Standard S6, Performance of Audit Work, Standard S7, Reporting, and Standard S9, Irregularities and Illegal Acts. This guideline adds more color to ISACA audit standards for situations that the IS auditor may encounter, including nonfraudulent irregularities, fraud, and illegal acts. The guideline defines additional responsibilities of management and IS auditors when dealing with irregularities and illegal acts. The guideline also describes the steps in a risk assessment that includes the identification of risks that are related to irregularities and illegal acts. Next, the guideline details the actions that an IS auditor should follow when encountering illegal acts, including internal and external reporting where required by law.
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Laboratory Manual
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