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hop and label value. It determines that the packet should be forwarded to R3 with a label value of L2. At R3, the packet and label are received. R3 knows in advance that the label value L2 means an FEC of F for packets from R2 and it uses this information for its routing decision, and so on. An important point to note is the fact that the ingress router (R1 in our example) has the job of assigning the first label. That initial assignment determines subsequent handling within the network. In other words, the first router determines the FEC. The assigned FEC can be based on information that only the first router knows, such as the ingress interface. The ingress router is known as a label edge router (LER). We can see that the relationship between FEC and the label value is a local affair between two adjacent label-switching routers (LSRs). If a given router is upstream from the point of view of the data flow, then it must have an understanding with the next router downstream as to the binding between a particular label value and FEC. For example, in Figure 8-17, the label value L1 is the outgoing label at R1 for packets with FEC F going to R2. At R2, the incoming label value of L1 is bound to FEC F for packets incoming from R1. Also at R2, the label value L2 is the outgoing label for packets with FEC F going to R3, and so on. Thus, the binding between the label value and FEC is limited to the two ends of an interface between adjacent LSRs for a particular direction of data flow. Also, if R2 were to receive packets with the label value L1 on a link from a different LSR, such as R4, then a different FEC might apply. The fact that the meaning of a given label depends on the incoming interface means a greater routing flexibility than with standard routing tables (where the outgoing path from a router depends on the destination IP address but not on the incoming interface). Label-Switched Paths (LSPs) and Label Distribution The foregoing discussion shows that the path through a network is determined solely by the FEC that applies at the point of ingress. Such a path is a known as a label-switched path (LSP), and it may be established in a number of ways. First, we can easily imagine a scenario where a network engineer determines that a certain FEC shall apply to a certain type of traffic from a certain source to a certain destination. That engineer could then determine the most appropriate path through the network and configure each of the applicable router interfaces with the necessary FEC/label bindings. Alternatively, we can use a protocol that enables the routers to automatically share FEC/label bindings. Such a protocol is known as a label distribution protocol. The primary function of label distribution protocols is the establishment and maintenance of LSPs, which includes the establishment of FEC/label
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DC bias 0.9 25 mA
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Both rating and design methods have undergone fundamental changes with the application of more re ned ultimate load theories. In this chapter, an overview of the latest AASHTO recommended design methods are reviewed and presented to assist inspection and design engineers. Salient features such as many load combinations are explained in detail. Limit state methods for rating (LRFR) and design (LRFD) are applied for structural evaluation of capacity and for redesign of members. AASHTO formulae are summarized for computation. Detailed load combinations for strength, serviceability, and extreme load conditions are given in tabular forms. In addition, construction load combinations and effects of non-symmetric pouring sequence on girder stress are developed and presented. Live load de ection criteria as opposed to stress criteria are reviewed. Suggested computer software for use is listed, as well.
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Section II: Topics in Gynecology
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Security appliances are specialized network components that typically provide many security functions, such as Cisco s ASAs and PIXs, Cisco s
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Location of Slab Forces (Typ.)
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Mbps Minimum Typical Maximum
Part II:
Download at Boykma.Com
m.insert(make_pair((char)('A'+i), 65+i));
Related Functions
7.3.7 Cost-Bene t Analysis
Dot structure of CH4 Structure of CH4 using dashes
Network Interconnection Technologies and Testing
Focus intensely on goals and plans
For Design, Mn Mu Note: Sign ( ) is to ensure minimum requirements and results in higher overall safety factor for the bridge. Check for shear V Check ductility: a 0 is not required. 0.35 d 0.03 fc /fy (
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