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Scale To World Units
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int status; status = heapfillfree(0); if(status == _HEAPOK) printf("Heap is correct."); else printf("Error in heap.");
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The program prompts the user for a numerator and denominator. If the denominator is zero, an object of the class MyException is created that indicates the divide-by-zero error. Thus, MyException encapsulates information about the error. This information is then used by the exception handler to tell the user what happened. Of course, most real-world exception classes will be more sophisticated than MyException. In general, you will want to create exception classes that encapsulate sufficient information about an error to enable the exception handler to respond effectively, possibly rectifying the situation.
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x] ( 1/2) x 1/2 = lim cos x 1/2 ( 1/2) x x 0+ = 1.
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Cloud Computing at Work
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Production Essentials
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
Carries data in frames that are sent through frame relay switches to a destination address.
To increase the Shadows, Brightness, Contrast, or Saturation value by 1, press the UP ARROW key. To decrease the Shadows, Brightness, Contrast, or Saturation value by 1, press the DOWN ARROW key. To increase the Shadows, Brightness, Contrast, or
noise figure, dB output noise power, W input noise power, W the reference temperature used in most measurements, in kelvins.
Metal-oxide-silicon field-effect transistor (MOSFET). Metal-oxide-silicon field-effect transistors use a gate structure that is well insulated from the source, drain, and channel. This produces an active device with an almost infinite DC input resistance. However, this high input resistance is significantly decreased by its bias components, as well as by high-frequency operation. In fact, as the frequency of operation is increased, the MOSFET s input impedance approaches that of a BJT. MOSFETs are available that can operate in one of two modes: the depletion mode, as a normally on device, and the enhancement mode, as a normally off device. Drain current in a depletion-mode N-channel MOSFET (Fig. 1.26) is controlled through the application of a negative and positive gate voltage (Fig. 1.27). By raising the negative voltage at the MOSFET s gate we would soon reach a point where, as a result of the channel being depleted of all majority carriers, no significant drain current can flow. But as the gate-to-source voltage VGS becomes less negative, more current will start to move. Even as we pass 0 V for VGS, the drain current will still continue to rise, since at zero VGS the MOSFET unlike the JFET has not reached the maximum current. Nonetheless, the drain current is still quite substantial, since many majority carriers are present within the depletion MOSFET s N channel. The VGS increases until it reaches some maximum positive value; now the maximum number of electrons has been drawn into the N channel, and the maximum current is flowing through the channel and into the drain. Depletion MOSFETs are used extensively in wireless circuits because of their low-noise-producing characteristics. A similar structure, but employing two gates within a single device, is the dual-gate MOSFET (Fig. 1.28). These are utilized in mixers and automatic gain control (AGC) amplifiers, with each of the MOSFET s gate inputs having an equal control over the drain current. The other type of MOSFET, the enhancement-mode type, or E-MOSFET (Fig. 1.29) is, as mentioned above, a normally off transistor. So, almost no source-to-drain current flows when there is no bias across the E-MOSFET s gate, as shown in the characteristic curves of Fig. 1.30. However, almost any
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