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Nucleic Acid Biophysics
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3. Now highlight E2 in the formula and press F9. E2 changes to 140, the number it contains.
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You can manage your X10 gadgetry via the Internet by using HomeSeer s web access tool. HomeSeer comes with a built-in web server that generates a web page giving yourself and others access to your X10 devices. All the functionality achieved through the Windows interface is possible through the web interface. This allows you to monitor the status of your devices, plus you can add, delete, and edit all your devices and events.
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that a monitoring system tracks from many points on the network. The circles represent thresholds (two per axis) as defined by the user. The color of the display changes from green to yellow if any parameter crosses the first threshold, and to red if the second. Clicking on any radial axis produces Screen B, showing the data from the monitoring points for the selected axis. Clicking on the reporting location that exceeds the threshold (top bar) produces Screen C, a time history of that location.
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Transparency operations (merge modes)
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8140 8144 KHz band-pass filter Ch 2
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and contamination are removed. Closed cams are sealed and lubricated by an oil bath, mist, or forced lubrication.
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Live: having a non-zero electrical potential. Load: any device in a circuit that dissipates power. Load test: a battery test wherein a high current is withdrawn for a short period. Main down-conductor: the primary lightning conductor from the top of the mast to the lightning ground. ABYC Standard E4 calls for a minimum conductivity equal to that of a 4 AWG copper conductor. Mega (M): pre x meaning 106 or 1 million. Metal oxide varistor (MOV): a semiconductor device that is normally nonconductive, but which shorts to ground when struck by a high voltage such as lightning. Micro ( ): pre x meaning 10 6 or one millionth. Milli (m): pre x meaning 10 3 or one thousandth. Nano (n): pre x meaning 10 9 or one billionth. Negative ion: an atom with one or more extra electrons. Noble: the positive direction of electrode electrical potential relative to other material in the galvanic series. Noise: an unwanted electrical signal; also known as interference. Ohm: the unit of electrical resistance. Ohmmeter: a device that measures electrical resistance. Ohm s Law: the mathematical relationship between current through and voltage across an element of a circuit. Open circuit: a break in a circuit path that prevents the ow of current. Open-circuit potential: the potential of an electrode measured with respect to a reference electrode or another electrode when no current ows to or from it. Overcurrent protection device: a device, such as a fuse or circuit breaker, designed to interrupt the circuit when the current ow exceeds a predetermined value. Panelboard: an assembly of devices for the purpose of controlling and/or distributing power on a boat. It includes devices such as circuit breakers, fuses, switches, instruments, and indicators. Parallel circuit: a circuit in which there is more than one path through which current can ow. Parallel path: a path to ground that may be followed by a lightning strike. This path is separate from the path formed by the primary lightning conductor. Passivation: the formation of a protective oxide lm, either naturally or by chemical treatment, on certain active-passive metals like stainless steels. pH: an expression of hydrogen-ion activity, of both acidity and alkalinity, on a scale whose values run from 0 to 14 with 7 representing neutrality. Pico (p): pre x meaning 10 12 or one million millionth.
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Even the strongest hammer bots have trouble consistently disabling opponents with their hammers. A hammer bot s best opponent is one with weak top armor or a fragile frame. Barring that scenario, a hammer bot should try to strike as many blows on the opponent as possible while avoiding being disabled. A hammer stands a good chance against a thwack bot, wedge, ram, or saw-wielding robot, because those designs won t be able to disable the hammer quickly and the hammer can get a lot of good hits in. Against a crusher, a hammer bot will have a hard time; the hammer may need to strike many blows to affect the crusher, but the crusher needs to get lucky only once. Any good hammer bot should be able to self-right quickly with its weapon, which reduces the threat from lifters and launchers. Fighting a spinner with a hammer is often disastrous for the hammer, because the spinner s weapon will be nearly impossible for the hammer arm to avoid, and striking the active spinner with the hammer arm will likely result in a bent or even torn-off weapon!
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