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FIgure 10-3 Bent double helix, where B-DNA meets A-DNA.
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The String class defines one field, shown here: public static readonly string Empty Empty specifies an empty string, which is a string that contains no characters. This differs from a null String reference, which simply refers to no object. There is one read-only indexer defined for String, which is shown here: public char this[int idx] { get; } This indexer allows you to obtain the character at a specified index. Like arrays, the indexing for strings begins at zero. Since String objects are immutable, it makes sense that String supports a read-only indexer. There is one read-only property: public int Length { get; } Length returns the number of characters in the string.
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Nevus Seborrheic keratosis Basal cell carcinoma Vascular Dermatofibroma Squamous cell carcinoma Melanoma Other
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special font. Also, some Roman serif typefaces have swash members: Bookman, Goudy, Garamond, and other popular fonts for body text can be purchased with characters that have strokes that sweep under and above neighboring characters for an elegant look. OldStyle versions of fonts contain numbers that alternate in position to make long sequences of digits easier to read, and frequently their filename is appended with OS. Finally, a well-designed, professional typeface of any family member will contain extended characters. An extended character is one you can t directly access from the keyboard; instead you must first hold ALT and then type four digits on the numeric keypad area of your keyboard. For example, if you want to put a pause in a sentence, one way to punctuate is with ellipses (three periods when we used typewriters). However, the proper punctuation in today s typesetting is the ellipse character, which is accessed from standardencoded typefaces by pressing and holding ALT, then typing 0133. Some typefaces don t come with extended characters, some come with a few, and the more professional typefaces have ligature characters in the extended range of the font. Ligatures were first invented by
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Quick History
I/O Functions
availability to use a DS-2. But one must not view this as an unnecessary multiplexing rate because of the original method of multiplexing from a DS-1 to a DS-3; the intermediate rates were needed to control and format the signals. This is a piece of history we should all remember. One caveat bears mention. With the emergence of the ADSL services, the local providers were trying to deliver a download rate from the network to the consumer for a 6 Mbps video rate, 2 Mbps for data and POTS. The upload rates were lower, but the download rates approximated the DS-2 rate. (It is not classified as a DS-2; the reference here is for analysis to the speeds and aggregates we are now seeing from the suppliers).
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