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Figure 28-12.
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PC-B now sends a unicast frame to PC-F: These PCs are connected to different ports of the switch. When the switch receives the frame from PC-B, it again performs its learning process. Since PC-B is not in its CAM table, the switch adds 0000.0A01.BBBB along with port 1 to its table. Now the switch performs its forwarding function: Since the destination MAC address 0000.0A01.FFFF is not in the CAM table, the switch floods the frame out all ports except the source, port 1. This process can be seen in Figure 4-6. The switch now has three MAC addresses in its CAM table. PC-F receives the frame and responds with an answer to PC-B. The switch again performs its learning function: since 0000.0A01.FFFF is not in its CAM table, it adds it. Now the switch performs its forwarding function. It sees 0000.0A01.BBBB in its CAM table with the port number of 1 and therefore forwards the frame out of port 1 only. This process can be seen in Figure 4-7. In this last example, PC-E generates a broadcast (FFFF.FFFF.FFFF). When the switch receives the broadcast frame, it performs its learning function by adding 0000.0A01.EEEE to its CAM table. The switch then floods the frame, since it is a broadcast. This process can be seen in Figure 4-8. From this simple example, you can see that the role of the switch is not a complicated one. First, the switch examines the source MAC address in the frame and updates the
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The next part of the File menu handles save and close functions. This area enables you to save and close individual windows. The Save option saves the file in the active window. The Save As option lets you save a file using a different filename. The Save Project As option saves the current project using a different project name. The Save All option saves all the files that are open. The Close option closes and removes the current file and/or project. The Close All option closes all the windows. The Include section enables you to insert #include statements into the current unit in the editor. The Print option opens the Print Form dialog box. This is where the printer settings can be configured or modified before the file in the active window is printed. Exit exits the IDE.
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char myfunc(unsigned char ch); char myfunc(char ch); int main() { cout << myfunc('c'); // this calls myfunc(char) cout << myfunc(88) << " "; // ambiguous return 0; } char myfunc(unsigned char ch) { return ch-1;
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PDU Terms
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Is there someone in your family, or perhaps a friend, to whom you are no
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Displacement, y Velocity, y' y, y', y" h h
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Throw an exception.
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1 d(lnx)=-dx
.net data matrix reader
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IGDA Curriculum Framework
Insolation, Btu/sq.ft./ hr.
The current i 1 (t) is related to the voltage across the capacitor as i 1 (t) = C Or using phasors I1 = j CVc Hence V0 0 = I1 R A + R B + 1 j C R B I2 dv c dt
and bottom and may be hidden in the overscan area of a display.
Each Cisco device supports several access modes. For CLI interaction, four modes are supported:
CHAPTER 4 The Integral
Electricity is everywhere. In one place it lights a factory, in another it conveys a message, and in a third it drives an electric vehicle. Electricity is transportable it can be generated at a low-cost location and conveniently shipped hundred of miles to where it is needed. A storage battery, charged from electricity provided by a convenient wall outlet, can reliably carry electricity to start a car anywhere, or power an electric vehicle. Who
Reduce ICA Traffic by Disabling the Windows Network Status Icon
ciscoasa# show ipv6 interface ipv6interface is down, line protocol is down IPv6 is enabled, link-local address is fe80::20d:88ff:feee:abde [TENTATIVE] No global unicast address is configured Joined group address(es): ff02::1 ff02::1:ffee:6a82 ICMP error messages limited to one every 100 milliseconds ICMP redirects are enabled ND DAD is enabled, number of DAD attempts: 1 ND reachable time is 30000 milliseconds
16 SGA 17 As % revenues 18 =A16 19 20 Operating expenses 21 As % revenues 22 =A20 23 EBITDA 24 EBITDA margin
24: IPv6
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