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The function of an APD (Figure 22.16) is similar to that of the p-i-n photodetector in which incident photons are absorbed and converted to electron-diode pairs. The main difference is its operation near reverse breakdown, which causes carrier multiplication and leaves high gain. The main disadvantage of an APD is its reliability. To obtain a very high-gain bandwidth product (better than 100 GHz), a high reverse voltage (approximately 40 V) usually is applied to the APD, which shortens the life of the device.
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2. Select Configure License Server. 3. Select Download License File from 4. Connect to, sign into your MyCitrix account, and follow the directions to allocate or activate licenses to get a license file. 5. Download the appropriate license file(s). 6. Save the files to a location that is accessible from the license server or directly to the License Server in the C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles directory. 7. Complete the licensing inventory. 8. Verify the correct licenses are installed. And here s the other method: 1. Copy the license file to your license server s C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles folder. 2. Update the license data stored on the license server. Open a command prompt, navigate to C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\LS on a 32-bit system and C:\ Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\LS on a 64-bit system, and then execute the following command:
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Table 17-2. Client Device Policy Rules
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Paintbucket Tool. Click the object you want to copy the effect to. The effect is immediately copied to the new object.
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Build Your Own Elec tric Vehicle
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Protocol Analyzer
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Contexts, commonly called virtual firewalls, are a new feature introduced in version 7 of the operating system. Contexts are not the same as a product like VMware, where multiple operating systems and their applications can be running on one device. Instead, contexts allow you to have multiple policies for different groups of people or traffic. When you re using contexts, all contexts use the same operating system and share the resources of the appliance; however, each context can have its own security policies and its own dedicated or shared resources (RAM, interfaces, and so on). Two common examples where contexts are used include Active/active failover implementation: two contexts are needed on the appliance to implement active/active failover. Two firewalls, geographically close to each other, with different policies: instead of purchasing two firewalls, purchase a security appliance with two contexts, reducing your overall equipment costs.
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The preceding object works perfectly fine and will provide the best query performance. However, what if your top customers change from quarter to quarter or year to year In this case, you could add a subquery to the condition object so that the list of customers with a certain revenue level is generated dynamically. Subqueries are slow, so use them with care. The following SQL would be used in the Where pane to create such an object:
When a Web Intelligence user refreshes a query that contains a cascaded list of values, the list of values is grouped according to the hierarchy of the higher-level prompts as shown in the following screen. Users see only one prompt for Customer ID. When the list of values is exported with Hierarchical Display enabled, the cascade or initial prompt on Countries is embedded within the list of values. Users click the + to expand or collapse the individual countries.
Part II:
2. Note the Priority numbers in the following screen. You want to make Finance the top priority. Select Priority. If the Priority button is dimmed, be sure you have first selected a user or group.
Insert a Measure
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