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In all cases, the network interface cards (NICs) and switch ports should each be manually configured to support full duplex and the highest speed available on both devices because autosensing does not always result in an optimal or compatible configuration. If the speed or duplex settings are configured incorrectly, frames will likely be dropped and/or errors will occur, resulting in significantly degraded performance. Many new servers are procured with two installed NIC ports. These NICs may be configured as follows, as listed in the order of Citrix s recommendation: Utilize both NICs and team via switch-assisted load balancing within the same subnet if connecting to different blades within a large Layer 3 switch Utilize both NICs and team via adaptive load balancing within the same subnet if connecting to different blades within a large Layer 3 switch Utilize both NICs and configure for failover onto two separate switches Utilize one NIC and disable the second Utilize both NICs and multihome to two different subnets
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Switching technology handles the routing, transfer, and connection of more than two parties in a call. Once the domain of PBXs and proprietary switches, switches are now available on boards that can be easily installed in PC-based computer telephony systems.
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Within a blank report, there are several ways to create a new table. You can immediately begin dragging and dropping the universe objects directly onto the Report view, or you can first select the report style from the Templates tab and then choose the desired universe objects. To build a vertical report similar to that in Figure 21-3, 1. Insert a new report as described in the earlier section. 2. Select the Data tab from the Report Manager. 3. Drag and drop the object Lines to the page area. 4. Drag and drop the object that you want to appear in the second column. Here, pay attention to the tooltip as you drop the object. You can replace the existing cell, insert a new column, create a crosstab, or create a section.
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HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem Value: NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate (REG_DWORD): 1
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= 10 mC
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Goals and objectives define what the organization is trying to achieve. Governance is what organizations put in place to identify and ensure achievement of goals, objectives, and strategies. A process is a set of activities that is put in place to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Organizations can manage operations through processes. Maturity models are often used to measure the maturity of process capabilities. The Deming Cycle focuses on continuous improvement through the implementation of a range of processes that address planning, execution, monitoring, and taking corrective actions. Control objectives are developed to ensure that business objectives are achieved. Control activities support control objectives and can be implemented within processes. Projects are temporary, unique, and have specific objectives and controls implemented. In this appendix, we focused on processes and internal controls, and learned about the various frameworks, methodologies, and guides available as resources. Now that we have examined the available resources, it s time to put all of this to use. For an overview of conducting professional audits, see Appendix A.
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Figure 6-18
Another Way to Watch for Allocation Failure
Insomnia (because symptoms often occur at night) Symptoms similar to those seen in UTIs (including urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, pyuria, and urge incontinence) In the spine Before menopause, bone loss occurs at a rate of 0.5% per year; after menopause it increases to over 1% per year Trabecular bone
Value Syntax [ crop || cross ] | none | inherit Initial Value none Percentages n/a Inherited n/a Applies to page context Media Groups visual, paged
ciscoasa# show wccp {web-cache | service_number} [detail] [view]
Figure 15-9. SpeedScreen Latency Reduction client settings
Getting Started with the SELECT Statement 82
While the page effects certainly provide a nice visual aid for the menu presentation, animations are also possible for buttons. A sequence of images can be displayed for each button state (normal, selected, activated). Imagine having static images for each button in the normal state, and then the selected button would spin or run some other animation to signal the selected state to the viewer. There would not be any doubt about which button is currently selected.
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