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Carrier Ethernet
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FIGURE 13.12. Hertzian cam contact stresses.
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WAN troubleshooting can become complicated for the simple reason that you don t own your WAN the carrier does. Finger-pointing often can ensue. There are two ways to avoid this. First, find an exceptionally good WAN supplier, and second, purchase a WAN analyzer so you can verify suspected problems with the WAN before calling your provider. WAN problems fall into two areas. The first is the physical transmission. If the line quality deteriorates and the bit error rate goes up, severe performance problems can occur. In order to check the physical line quality, you will need an analyzer capable of TIMS and BERT testing. You also will need to take the line out of service in order to check this! Both of these tests require traffic be generated on the line. Your service provider usually has extensive test capability and normally can do this for you. These problems can be intermittent (when it rains, for example, and the lines get noisy); you might want the capability to test on short notice. These analyzers also can provide a rich set of statistics concerning your WAN performance. Other sources of WAN problems include clocking-related issues and jitter. These can cause intermittent signal loss, as well as total link failures. Timing on DS1 circuits typically is supplied by the carrier. Isolating timing problems requires specialized test equipment. In-service testing such as timing slip analysis can be performed to verify correct operation of a device. These tests often will trace problems back to misconfigured equipment, or device faults. Jitter is caused mainly by network equipment such as repeaters and multiplexers. If jitter becomes too high, bit errors or frame errors can occur, leading to lowered throughput. At the higher layers, it is useful to examine the type of traffic that is going across a WAN. If you are using NetWare protocols, for example, you may be sending broadcast traffic (SAPs) advertising services such as file and print servers across the WAN. Proper router configuration generally can filter out unwanted traffic. A complex source of problems comes from the encapsulation of protocols as a packet moves from the LAN through the WAN. For instance, you may be encapsulating AppleTalk in IP in order to route it, and sending that over frame relay. This is known as tunneling. In order to troubleshoot this, you need a high-quality WAN analyzer capable of decoding LAN-over-WAN. You also will need some detailed documentation on your protocols to understand what they should look like when encapsulated. The normal procedure when a problem is found here is to consult your router vendor. If you have baselines for your network, these will guide you in deciding whether you are experiencing problems with the network. There is no substitute for information on the normal statistical operating envelope of your network when faced with an apparent abnormality.
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Data Table 2
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A one-dimensional array is a list of related variables. Such lists are common in programming. For example, you might use a one-dimensional array to store the account numbers of the active users on a network. Another array might be used to store the current batting averages for a baseball team. Since arrays in C# are implemented as objects, two steps are needed to obtain one for use in your program. First, you must declare a variable that can refer to an array. Second, you must create an instance of the array by use of new. Therefore, to declare a one-dimensional array, you will typically use this general form: type[ ] array-name = new type[size]; Here, type declares the element type of the array. The element type determines the data type of the elements that comprise the array. Notice the square brackets that follow type. They indicate that a reference to a one-dimensional array is being declared. The number of elements that the array will hold is determined by size. Here is an example. The following creates an int array of ten elements and links it to an array reference variable named sample:
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In order to use the advanced features and macros with some controllers, you might also have to invest in a Maxi-Control Console. This device, which sells for US$21.99, allows you to set up House and Unit Codes for your stand-alone controllers. It also serves as its own stand-alone X10 controller. As always, double-check the product literature before you buy anything to determine whether you need to buy a Maxi-Control Console.
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The Transformation docker offers precision over position, rotation, size, and skew changes.
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Figure 16-11. Denying the Group Policy to the Domain Admins group
As stated in the prior section, the history of optical wireless communication is as long as the history of RF wireless communication. However, it didn t see significant growth as soon as RF communication did primarily due to limitations that were easily overcome by RF communication technology. In addition, its key attributes, such as high bandwidth and freedom from RF interference, didn t have any appeal until the modern days of information age and spectral shortage. The genesis of modern day FSO technology was primarily driven by its appeal to military applications. With the use of optical transmission, FSO technology provided the potential to transfer large amounts of data at rates unmatched by RF technologies. It also provided a communication medium that was not only secure from eavesdropping but also RF silent. Its immunity from external RF interference meant its immunity from jamming. With these benefits, the U.S. military saw opportunities for the application of this technology and funded several projects starting in the early 1980s for the development of the technology and its applications. These projects facilitated the understanding of the basic principles and limitations of FSO communications. These projects also resulted in the development of some of the underlying technologies, some of which were later adapted for FSO technology for commercial applications. FSO technology didn t find much appeal in commercial applications until the mid 1990s. With the explosive growth of information technology, the need for a higher bandwidth communication medium was growing. Although much of the need was being met by cable-based technologies, such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, DSL, and cable modems, FSO technology provided a unique opportunity to fill the gap where cable-based technologies were not viable. Additionally, earlier advances in fiber-optic technology provided lowcost components that could be used in FSO products, making them commercially viable. With the understanding of FSO technology, opportunities for niche applications, and the
1.25DC + 1.5 DW 0.9DC + 0.65 DW
1. i = 2 A 2. i(t) = 10e 2t (2 cos 5t + 5 sin 5t)
Part I:
I2 =
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