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Notice that the while loop executes only when e is greater than 0. Thus, when e is 0, as it is in the first iteration of the for loop, the while loop is skipped.
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Router> show controller serial 0 HD unit 0, idb = 0x1BA16C, driver structure at 0x1C04E0 buffer size 1524 HD unit 0, V.35 DCE cable, clockrate 64000 . . .
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and has several routines that access that array. Instead of hard-coding the array s size with a constant, you can define a name that represents the size and use that name whenever the size of the array is needed. This way, if you need to change the size of the array, you will only need to change the #define statement and then recompile. All uses of the name will automatically be updated. For example:
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Errored cells usually result from problems at the Physical layer. It should be noted that the CER refers to the percentage of cells with one or more bit errors, while an ATM BERT will indicate the bit error ratio for all bits transported in the cell payload.
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This page intentionally left blank.
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Traffic Light Post
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House batteries are very heavy, so it would be nice if we could leave the really big ones on the boat over the winter. Pure water (fully discharged electrolyte) would freeze and crack the battery case. However, fully charged electrolyte (SG = 1.265) freezes at 72 F, while half-charged electrolyte (SG = 1.190) freezes at 12 F. The question for northern boatowners thus becomes how quickly a battery that has been washed with a baking-soda solution, rinsed with fresh water, fully charged, and disconnected from its leads will selfdischarge. According to Rolls Battery, at an average temperature of 50 F, such a battery would discharge at about 0.0003 SG per day. To drop from SG 1.265 to SG 1.190 (freezing point 12 F) would take 250 days.
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Communications System Design
Application Details
well-designed machines with color displays. But because relatively few people felt they needed a computer in their lives, home computers were still considered luxuries (if they were expensive) or toys (if they were cheap). One famous name was missing from the personal computing world. IBM finally introduced its microcomputer in 1982, primarily as a machine for small businesses, and at last the general public began to take personal computing seriously. People who wouldn t have considered buying a computer before then were willing to do so if it had IBM s name on it. And since the IBM machine had an open standard, its design could be copied by others. This made the IBM PC (and its clones) a runaway success. Unfortunately, the original PC was badly designed for gaming. It was introduced with a very weak color graphics board and no sound capability except a speaker that could only beep. On the other hand, it was a 16-bit machine when the others around it were 8-bit machines, so it was capable of addressing more RAM and running a good deal faster than its competition. And it was too popular to ignore. The Macintosh has never been that popular a machine for games, despite the fact that its hardware and operating system are extraordinarily well designed. The first Macs had small black and white screens, and this worked against using them for gaming. The Mac was also a good deal more expensive than the PC. Despite the introduction of color and full-size screens a few years later, the Mac has never caught on with the gamers in the same way that the PC did. With the introduction of better color graphics cards for the PC, and also a new digital sound card, personal computer game development took off. PC games were still nowhere near as profitable as console games, but they remained solid sellers throughout the 1980s, aimed at a somewhat different market than console games. Home consoles were still definitely considered toys, and the games for them were correspondingly simpler and more focused on action than strategy.
attempts to utilize the pattern of sweat pores as a biometric identifier have not been fully successful. In some cases, the image resolution required to capture sweat pores consistently is high. Thus, the problem is that scanners designed for capturing ridge information might not offer enough resolution (for example, image information) to distinguish and locate the sweat pores. A promising application of the sweat pore biometric is in the context of multimodal biometrics, which utilize a combination of biometrics to provide better security. For example, a fingerprint or hand geometry pattern could be combined with sweat pore analysis. Such multimodal biometric approaches could soon be in greater demand in light of the fact that liveness testing remains a hot issue within the biometric community. For example, Professor Matsumoto of Yokohama National University recently demonstrated that at least some fingerprint readers can be fooled or spoofed by the use of Gummi fingers, or artificial fingerprints made from gelatin (discussed in 8). Stephanie Schuckers, Larry Hornack, and other researchers at the Center for Identification Technology Research at West Virginia University (WVU) are actively researching the incorporation of sweat pores analysis as a liveness test for fingerprints. This research is based on the fact that the contact techniques for fingerprint acquisition are naturally prone to large variations in moisture conditions. In other words, your live finger should contain some element of moisture (from perspiration) when you put it on the sensor. The WVU s researchers working hypothesis is that a live finger, as opposed to a cadaver finger or spoof finger (for example, gummi finger), demonstrates a specific changing moisture pattern because of perspiration. Using a capacitive fingerprint scanner, they capture the same fingerprint twice over a five-second time frame, and they then extract the temporal perspiration pattern of the skin. Using these features, the algorithm makes a decision about the liveness of the print. They have discovered that in live fingers, perspiration starts around the pores and spreads along the ridges, creating a distinct signature of the process.
hy have AC power on a boat Because AC appliances add quality to life aboard. Possible AC sources include shore power, inverters, and generators. In order to select an inverter or generator you rst need to determine your AC budget, or how much AC power you will likely consume. Modern inverters can supply all the clean, regulated AC power you wish, along with the conveniences of automatic battery charging and transfer switching between shore power and battery. Generators can do the same but, before choosing a generator over an inverter, you should verify that it is really necessary!
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The loss factor is used to describe any signal loss in the fiber before the light source gets to the end of the fiber. Connector loss is a loss that occurs when a connector joins two pieces of fibers: a slight signal loss is expected. Also, the longer the fiber, the greater the likelihood that the signal strength will decrease by the time it reaches the end of the cable. This is called attenuation. Two other terms, microbending and macrobending, describe signal degradation. Microbending is when a wrinkle in the fiber, typically where the cable is slightly bent, causes a distortion in the light source. Macrobending is when the light source leaks from the fiber, typically from a bend in the fiber cable. To overcome this problem over long distances, optical amplifiers can be used. They are similar to an Ethernet repeater or hub. A good amplifier, such as an erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), coverts a light source directly to another light source, providing for the best reproduction of the original signal. Other amplifiers convert light to an electrical signal and then back to light, which can cause degradation in the signal quality. Two main standards are used to describe the transmission of signals across a fiber: SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) and SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy). SONET is defined by the Exchange Carriers Standards Association (ECSA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is typically used in North America. SDH is an international standard used throughout most of the world (with the exception of North America). Both of these standards define the physical layer framing used to transmit light sources, which also includes overhead for the transmission. Three types of overhead are experienced:
ciscoasa(config)# username username attributes ciscoasa(config-username)# group-lock value tunnel_group_name ciscoasa(config-username)# memberof tunnel_group_name [...tunnel_group_name] ciscoasa(config-username)# service-type {admin | nas-prompt | remote-access} ciscoasa(config-username)# vpn-access-hours value time_range_name ciscoasa(config-username)# vpn-filter value ACL_ID ciscoasa(config-username)# vpn-group-policy group_policy_name ciscoasa(config-username)# vpn-idle-timeout minutes
using System; using System.Windows.Forms; class MenuForm : Form { MainMenu MyMenu; public MenuForm() { Text = "Adding a Main Menu"; // Create a main menu object. MyMenu = new MainMenu(); // Add top-level menu items to the menu. MenuItem m1 = new MenuItem("File"); MyMenu.MenuItems.Add(m1); MenuItem m2 = new MenuItem("Tools"); MyMenu.MenuItems.Add(m2); // Create File submenu. MenuItem item1 = new MenuItem("Open"); m1.MenuItems.Add(item1); MenuItem item2 = new MenuItem("Close"); m1.MenuItems.Add(item2); MenuItem item3 = new MenuItem("Exit"); m1.MenuItems.Add(item3); // Create Tools submenu. MenuItem item4 = new MenuItem("Coordinates"); m2.MenuItems.Add(item4); MenuItem item5 = new MenuItem("Change Size"); m2.MenuItems.Add(item5); MenuItem item6 = new MenuItem("Restore"); m2.MenuItems.Add(item6);
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