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substitute for a predefined sequence of eight or four binary zeros. The reason for this substitution is the need for T1 and E1 copper circuits to have a minimum ones density to ensure that repeaters have a sufficient number of one bits on which to synchronize their operation. B8ZS coding is used on T1 lines, while HDB3 coding is used on E1 lines.
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much improved results in which the dip in displacement and the reversals of velocity and acceleration have all been removed. These improvements have been achieved without changing the original set of motion constraints, indicating the exibility of the rational spline method in synthesizing motion programs for cams. As illustrated by the foregoing examples, the rational B-spline interpolation approach to the synthesis of cam-follower motions affords a systematic procedure for cam synthesis that is versatile enough to accomplish many tasks that usually require a variety of techniques. The method is easy to apply, given algorithms to generate the rational spline values
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You re very lucky if those old family photos you scanned in 2 were in decent shape. The chemical coatings that make up traditional photographs change over the years from contact with the air, other photos, and scrapbooks made of materials not suitable for archiving. Unprotected, lying in some old shoebox, most photos will fade, discolor, crack, or turn into ash. Don t despair. Elements has the tools to restore your family treasures to their original glory. Here s how to use it for the most common scourges dust and scratches, discoloration, and massive physical damage.
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int fgetc(FILE *stream)
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Identity address translation: commonly referred to as translation exemption or NAT 0 Policy address translation: controlling when translation should take place based on the source and destination addresses involved
Specifying system enhancements through the standards body Communicating with vendors to ensure implementation of the enhancements
F I G U R E 3 9
NOTE www.json.org provides a number of listing JSON bindings, based on language.
Clear Envelope
checksum field.
As already mentioned, there is a risk of false framing, which would have serious effects on data. Performance monitoring of the received signal is limited to checking for errors in the frame alignment signals. With only a total of 7 bits out of 512, it gives a poor indication of errors in the payload. There is no way for the remote end to send back this rudimentary error-performance data, so only one direction of transmission can be monitored at each location. The new CRC-4 (Cyclic Redundancy Checksum 4) frame structure is defined in ITU-T Recommendation G.704. The CRC-4 remainder is calculated on complete blocks of data, including all payload bits; the 4-bit remainder is transmitted to the far end for comparison with the recalculated CRC-4 remainder. If the two 4-bit words differ, then the receiving equipment knows that one or more errors are present in the payload block. Every bit is checked, so an accurate estimate of block error rate (or errored seconds) is made while the link is in service. The CRC-4 framing algorithm is more complex and is extremely unlikely to be fooled by payload data patterns. Figure 7.7, taken from ITU-T G.704, shows the sequence of bits in the frame-alignment (TS0) position of successive frames. In frames not containing the frame alignment signal, the first bit is used to transmit the CRC multiframe signal (001011), which defines the start of the SMF. Alternate frames contain the frame alignment word (0011011) preceded by one of the CRC-4 bits. The CRC-4 remainder is calculated on all 2048 bits of the previous sub-multiframe (SMF), and the 4-bit word sent as C1, C2, C3, C4 of the current SMF. (Note that the CRC-4 bits of the previous SMF are set to zero before the calculation is made.) At the receiving end, the CRC remainder is recalculated for each SMF and the result is compared to the CRC-4 bits received in the next SMF. If they differ, then it is
chapter 4 E n E r g y a n d L i f E
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