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Circuit Analysis Demysti ed
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Being able to view reports via a browser eliminated the need to collect, duplicate, and distribute reports. With this feature, anyone who wants the report (and has the proper permission) may collect the report from the network management system. This worthwhile feature is far from universal.
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Most of us would agree that this sentence is poorly written; the writer never apologizes to the customer, for example. Also, it s too long, too
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enough to hold the output shaft still.) Apply a very low DC voltage to the motor a much lower voltage than what the motor will be run at. If you do not have a variable regulated DC power supply, one or two D-cell alkaline batteries should work. Now measure both the voltage and current going through the motor at the same time. The best accuracy occurs when you are measuring several hundred milliamps to several amps. The internal resistance, R, can be calculated by dividing the measured voltage, Vin, by the measured current, Iin:
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Fuel Cells 2003
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Route poisoning and hold-down timer example
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might be two auctions for the same item; however, one seller will ship it to you for half as much as another seller. Find that out before deciding which seller s product to pursue.
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1. Critical reinforcement for the pier caps may be vulnerable to corrosion if the concrete is crushed and exposed to contaminants from leaking joints. All such cracks shall be sealed with appropriate epoxy compounds. If the cracking is caused by differential settlement, the situation shall be evaluated and corrected. Cracks can be repaired by epoxy injection. The location of the cracks shall be shown in the plans and marked in the eld. 2. Crack repairs: The bridge inspection report may address needed spall repairs. Medium to wide cracks in masonry must be sealed by using standard procedures for repairing concrete cracks and spalls such as patching or sealing. Any missing mortar joints will be lled. 3. Spall Repairs: Pier bent or column bent situations can be repaired by jacketing. Repairs will be categorized on the contract documents. Surface spalls of the concrete elements shall be cleaned to sound concrete and repaired with epoxy mortar. If deteriorated concrete extends beyond the primary reinforcement, the concrete shall be removed to at least 1 inch below the reinforcement and repaired with either concrete (if space permits) or lifts of epoxy mortar. An epoxy bonding compound shall be speci ed between the old and the new concrete and concrete lifts if needed. 4. Reinforced and prestressed concrete girders: Compared to steel girders, concrete girders are more dif cult to strengthen. If reinforcing bars and shear reinforcement is exposed, formwork may be used to recast concrete. 5. A full matrix comparison will be developed to compare the alternatives for costs, optimum sizes of members (weights, depths, etc.), ease for future inspections, constructability, fracture critical requirements, and structural details that will facilitate future widening. Local noise ordinances will be checked. 6. Nighttime construction will be guided by NCHRP Report # 475 A Procedure for Assessing and Planning Nighttime Highway Construction and Maintenance 2002, and NCHRP Report # 476 Guidelines for Design and Operation of Nighttime Traf c Control for Highway Maintenance and Construction 2002.
6.3.1 Test suite development
and rotary actuators are described here. It is interesting to note that it is often not practical to take power out of rotary motors to transmit to other components. The problem lies in attaching the other components. Recently this problem has been overcome by some indirect means. Such a design, called a microengine, is also described in this section. 15.7.1 Electrostatic Micromotors Although elastically deformable micron-scale mechanical structures existed even in the 1960s, interest in MEMS began with the development of electrostatic micromotors because they enabled rigid-body motion at the microscale. The key development was a surface micromachining batch process used to make an assembled rotor and post without explicit part-by-part assembly. This was made possible by a layered construction with structural and sacri cial materials wherein each layer was photolithographically patterned. Removal of the sacri cial layer at the end of processing creates the necessary clearance and gaps for the assembled structure. This is illustrated in Fig. 15.13a. Using such a freely movable rotor around a xed post, several variations of electrostatic motors were developed. Side-
Full 0-255 range is available because the video is Rec709. Full 0-255 range is available because the video is Rec709. Keep text about 140 pixels from the sides and 80 pixels from the top and botton. Avoid single-pixel lines, especially horizontal. Use antialising and blurring. Use feathering and color gradations instead of sharp transitions. Varies with the viewing distance. 6 points minimum.
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Part II:
j SCART (Figure 7.8). This 21-pin connector, used primarily in Europe, carries
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