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Before users can access resources through the Access Gateway, a valid license file must be installed. Unlike the other editions of the Access Gateway, the Enterprise edition re-
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LNA low-noise design. Designing for the lowest noise figure for a small-signal amplifier is required when planning a receiver system for VHF and above. And since an exact 50-ohm match will rarely be used in a low-noise amplifier (LNA), only transistors with a K of 1 or more should be adopted in this application. A minimum noise figure can be obtained from any transistor by carefully choosing its source load RS and its bias point. This optimum source load and bias point can be found either by source resistance (RS) versus collector current (IC) charts or by IC versus NF charts, both available at only a limited number of frequencies on the active device s data sheet. The optimal combination of RS versus IC for certain frequencies may also be available on a small Smith chart printed on the data sheet. S(opt), which is the optimum source reflection coefficient for the lowest NF, can also be found on many low-noise transistor data sheets. To design an LNA, first locate a transistor with a low NF at the desired frequency, then find in the data sheets the IC and RS (or S(opt)) that will give
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The rate at which binding occurs and the factors that affect binding rates
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See Figure 12.4 to get an idea of needed disc sizes. A DVD-5 holds 15 minutes of the highest bitrate video to over 6 hours of video at the lowest practical rate. A BD-25 can hold 1.5 hours of high bitrate video to over 25 hours at the lowest bitrate. Of course, the video quality at the longer playing times would likely be for SD resolution sub-DVD quality video. Figure 12.4 Data Rates vs Capacity
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Well developed or not, melanoma-specific criteria should not be ignored. Subtle foci of melanoma-specific criteria may be only clue of high risk. Before making a benign diagnosis look for poorly developed high risk criteria. Small melanomas (less than 6 mm) can be diagnosed with attention to history, clinical appearance, and subtle melanoma-specific criteria.
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Figure 10.3 Desirable basic properties of concrete repair material.
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Data and Observations
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28.4.3 Calibration
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the repayment of debts 1 to 3 would be considered more important. For this illustration, however, we will consider it as the first to be cash swept. The formula first uses a MAX(D60,0) because we want to use the number from the available cash flow only if it is a positive number. We then use the MIN function to get the possible repayment for NTF. In the second year, the formula returns 0 because there is no NTF to be repaid. The formula also uses a minus sign at the front, and this is true for all the repayments. Any repayment will show up as a negative number, consistent with the presentation in the cash flow statement that uses of cash are shown as negative numbers. This is the calculation for repaying debt 1. The formula adds the repayment amount of the previous line to the MAX(D60,0). This has the effect of reducing the available cash flow because the repayment is a negative number and adding a negative number is the same as subtracting it. These continue the cash sweep calculations for debt 2 and debt 3. This is the end result of our calculations.
Figure 5.3.11 Exterior view of the 15-story medical office building. Just a little more modeling and the model can be used for a variety of other purposes. (Image courtesy of Turner Construction, Seattle, Washington.)
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Understanding Relational Databases
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FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology)
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Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
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