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When creating a multimedia BD for playback on PCs, you have essentially two choices for the A/V format BD-ROM Video files (.m2ts), or computer-oriented media files (.flv,.avi, .mov, .mpg, et cetera). The advantages of using BD-Video content are that the disc will also play in standard BD players, the features of DVD-ROM Video such as angles, seamless branching, fast chapter access, and subtitles are available, and the video will be more compatible with PC decoders. The advantages of using other formats are that the development tools are simple, widely available and, often, inexpensive. Since the data rate of most BD drives is at least equivalent to an 80x CD-ROM drive, high data rates can be used with a variety of codecs beyond those that are included in the BD specification Windows Media Video, Flash, 2K or 4K. Rich Internet applications that have interactivity beyond what is possible within BD-Video may also be much easier to create that work on both Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers by using tools such as Adobe AIR or Microsoft's Silverlight. Older technologies, such as Adobe/Macromedia Director, Click2Learn Toolbook, or even HTML authoring applications, can be used to create multimedia experiences that surpass even the vast array of capabilities included in BD Profile 2.0.
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public event MyEventHandler SomeEvent;
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IOS# copy running-config|startup-config flash:file_name
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The series DC motor provides the best starting torque, and the AC induction motor is the most efficient at speed. By using them together with some mechanism to switch back and forth (for example, at around 30 mph on the level with a kickdown for hills), you get the best of both worlds. Only about 96 volts are needed to get the DC motor started in your average utility commuter EV. When the AC motor takes over, you can add the rest of the battery pack toward powering it 120, 144, 192 volts, or whatever. Darwin emphasized, Pick a good core material with some nickel in it to achieve 96 percent efficiency, and remember size and weight go down as the frequency does up.
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intended as the core technology (invisible to the customer) to support the Telco network of the future. Just as narrow-band ISDN (PRI and BRI) were intended to provide the network connection of the future, broadband ISDN service was intended to be the highrate interface. ATM would be the core technology supporting all of the services from circuit-switching to packet-switching. ATM as the supporting technology was not ready when broadband ISDN was announced, so the carriers couldn t provide the service. All eyes turned to the new kid on the block, ATM. Although not well defined, like a kid, it had lots of promise. Who was to do the heavy lifting until ATM was mature Frame Relay was developed to fill the void. The idea for Frame Relay came from both X.25 concepts and from the D channel packet handling of ISDN. Frame Relay filled the need for broadband service. Few customers actually needed the nose bleed speeds of ATM, and Frame Relay was a cost-effective replacement for dedicated lines. Being packet-switching, it provided bandwidth on demand. ATM also provided bandwidth on demand at much higher rates.
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to which the router is directly connected on an interface.
Call LastIndexOf( ) only once, storing the result in idx.
Digital Photography QuickSteps Organizing Getting to Know Your PC Your Digital Image Library PC QuickSteps
The Device Action tab in the event s properties allows the user to tell the computer which devices should be activated when an event is triggered.
There are currently two versions of the C++ object-oriented I/O library in use: the older one that is based upon the original specifications for C++ and the newer one defined by the ANSI/ISO standard for C++. The old I/O library is supported by the header file <iostream.h>. The new I/O library is supported by the header <iostream>. For the most part the two libraries appear the same to the programmer. This is because the new I/O library is, in essence, simply an updated and improved version of the old one. In fact, the vast majority of differences between the two occur beneath the surface, in the way that the libraries are implemented not in how they are used. From the programmer s perspective, there are two main differences between the old and new C++ I/O libraries. First, the new I/O library contains a few additional features and defines some new data types. Thus, the new I/O library is essentially a superset of the old one. Nearly all programs originally written for the old library will compile without substantive changes when the new library is used. Second, the old-style I/O library was in the global namespace. The new-style library is in the std namespace. (Recall that the std namespace is used by all of the Standard C++ libraries.) Since the old-style I/O library is now obsolete, this book describes only the new I/O library, but most of the information is applicable to the old I/O library as well. C++ Builder supports both the old and new style approaches to I/O. Thus, you can use C++ Builder to maintain older code. For new code, however, you should use the new style I/O because it complies with the ANSI/ISO standard for C++.
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