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Remember the preceding bulleted items for the exam. 2d barcode generator
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Fiber Deployment (Service Provider) Competition Standardization
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The Citrix ICA protocol includes a feature that identifies and tags ICA data based on the virtual channel from which the data originated. This feature, referred to as ICA Priority Packet Tagging, lays the foundation for a more granular Quality of Service (QoS)
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Examples 10Base2 Ethernet 10Base-T Ethernet 100Base-T Fast Ethernet Token-Ring FDDI
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Active sensors often introduce a sound or light and look for how the introduced energy reacts with the environment. Some examples of this type of sensing are sonar, laser, and infrared reflective detectors. Sonar detectors introduce a sound, typically higher in frequency than what humans can hear, and listen for the echo. The bounced-back echo is used by sonar range finders to send out a sound pulse and then compute the time it takes for the sound to return. This time is directly proportional to the distance the sound must travel to bounce off the nearest object and return. The speed of sound is around 770 mph, but it can easily be measured using a moderately fast microcontroller chip like those found in many robots. Infrared (IR) reflective sensor systems emit a specific wavelength of light and look for a reflection of light. Since light travels so much faster than sound, it is difficult to measure the time it takes to receive the reflected light. Infrared detectors are typically used to detect whether an object is present within the range of the detector rather than how far the object is from the detector. Some clever infrared detectors use some simple geometry present in a triangle formed by the emitter that generates the light, the reflected object, and the detector that senses the emitted light. Everyday examples of infrared detectors can be found in modern bathroom stalls in public places. The mechanism that automatically flushes the toilet typically uses an infrared detector to detect the presence of a person using the toilet. The system is activated when a person is in the stall for a predetermined period of time. Many systems have a small flashing LED that speeds up its flashing when the time has elapsed. When the person leaves the presence of the IR sensor, the toilet flushes. Lasers can be used to detect where an opponent is located. This type of system is fairly advanced and usually employs a CCD camera or a linear sensor array. A laser beam is emitted from the robot, and the CCD camera is used to see the laser spot or line on the opponent robot. Generally, a band pass filter is placed in front of the camera to filter out all wavelengths of light except for the laser beam wavelength. When the laser beam and the camera orientation is known, the range and location of an object can be determined through mathematical triangulation. This type of system is fairly complex, but not as complex as a true vision system, and it is beginning to be seen in robotic applications using simple microcontrollers. This type of system could be used in automatic weapons firing and assisted homing in on an opponent, and it can be placed in fully autonomous robots.
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A 76-year-old man came for a consultation of a slowly enlarging growth on his nose that started one year ago. 1. Milia-like cysts and pigmented pseudofollicular openings diagnose this pigmented seborrheic keratosis. 2. Irregular globules and blotches, polymorphous vessels, and regression characterize this melanoma. 3. The absence of pigment network, arborizing vessels, plus pigmentation diagnoses this basal cell carcinoma. 4. This pattern of pigmentation and vessels can be found in a basal cell carcinoma or melanoma. 5. Leaf-like structures are present throughout this lesion.
Enter subnet mask: Enter host name: csc Enter domain name: Enter primary DNS IP address: Enter optional secondary DNS IP address: Enter gateway IP address: Do you use a proxy server [y|n] n Network Settings -------------------------------------------------------------------IP Netmask Hostname csc Domain name Primary DNS Secondary DNS Gateway No Proxy Are these settings correct [y|n] y Applying network settings ... Do you want to confirm the network settings using ping [y|n] y Enter an IP address to ping: PING ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=255 time=0.2 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=255 time=0.1 ms <--output omitted--> --- ping statistics --5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received, 0% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max = 0.1/0.1/0.2 ms Press Enter to continue ... <ENTER> Date/Time Settings -----------------------------------------------------------SSM card date and time: 10/06/2005 18:14:14 The SSM card periodically synchronizes with the chassis Is the time correct [y|n] y Incoming Domain Name -----------------------------------------------------------Enter the domain name that identifies incoming email messages: ( Domain name of incoming email: Is the incoming domain correct [y|n] y
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2. You ve been asked to inform senior managers about your department s progress in reaching a business objective. What organizational structure would you select Vic, a salesman in the chemical industry, said, I absolutely hate writing, but I like presentations. So I gured that I d create a simple one-page document summarizing my key points and distribute it during my presentation. Here s how I thought it through. My objective was to receive immediate feedback and praise about my presentation and our department s progress. Personality wise, our senior managers are all business. They re Producers. The progress we ve made in our department is good, but management is impatient. So in terms of vocabulary, I wanted to talk about our big-picture plans and accomplishments. No details. I needed to have the details ready to go in case they asked for speci cs, but my handout needed to satisfy their desire for a bottom-line orientation. My sense was that I could be relatively informal. Working with the Formality Index, I determined that I know them well and personally, so I scored the first question a 5. I am below them in rank, but I m climbing the corporate ladder pretty quickly, so I gave the next question a 3. Realistically, I have really good news, so I gave the last question a 4.5. That totals to a 12.5, so I confirmed that an informal approach was ne. I thought this would be a pretty easy writing assignment. In terms of the Matrix of Persuasion, they were on my side and they could do what I was asking. Sure enough easy. Knowing that was very reassuring. Regarding the organizational structure, I started with a statement of PAR, then used a category organizational structure. It was very logical, and by integrating some chronology as well, I was able to show how we were progressing in a systematic way toward the goal. It worked well. 3. You want to invite your team to your house for a social event. What organizational structure would you use Richard, a team leader in the banking industry, explained that once a year, he likes to invite his entire team to his house. I started a new job and wanted to invite everyone over for a barbecue. My objective was to get people to RSVP and attend. The feature I wanted to focus on was that the team s families were welcome to the barbecue, that I understood that their jobs were only part
The IT management environment, as shown in Figure 29.3, covers the range of devices that reside on the network. It encompasses all issues that surround the business applications that enable business end users to function. The environment breaks down into four components:
Here, obj is an expression that must evaluate to an object that implements the System.IDisposable interface. It specifies a variable that will be used inside the using block. In the first form, the object is declared outside the using statement. In the second form, the object is declared within the using statement. When the block concludes, the Dispose( ) method (defined by the System.IDisposable interface) will be called on obj. Thus, a using statement provides a means by which objects are automatically disposed when they are no longer needed. Remember, the using statement applies only to objects that implement the System.IDisposable interface. Here is an example of each form of the using statement:
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declared. Specifically, the square brackets follow the type name, not the array name. Here is an example. The following creates an int array of ten elements and links it to an array reference variable named sample.
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