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1. To lock an individual guideline, click the guideline to select it using the Pick Tool. 2. Using Property Bar options, click the Lock button. The selected guideline is locked,
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Table 9-9
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The need to access information is not new. After all, people have always needed data to make informed decisions, although a number of errors in decision-making processes are still prevalent, including gut feel. As a type of technology, though, business intelligence is relatively young and emerged as a distinct market in the early 1990s. Pre business intelligence, it was expensive and time-consuming to get access to the right data. If you
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In the next example, we see the Real-time Alert Console displayed. It is used to aggregate all the alerts we defined within the EdgeSight Console into one easy-to-view report (see Figure 12-5). This report has the same dynamic ability to drill into the data as shown in the previous examples. You should be getting an idea of the power of EdgeSight and the EdgeSight Console. The ability to dynamically drill down into reports to expose more and more detail helps you quickly begin to piece together a complete picture for troubleshooting.
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1. Open the Color Palette Browser docker by choosing Window | Dockers | Color
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In words, the XOR operation produces a true result when one, and only one, operand is true. The following function uses the && and || operators to construct an XOR operation. The result is returned by the function.
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var count = 10, max = 20; // Error!
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Camera Features
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// Use a Semaphore. using System; using System.Threading; // This thread allows only two instances of itself // to run at any one time. class MyThread { public Thread Thrd;
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The Bitwise Operators
Automatically creating objects and joins can either be a productivity booster or a nuisance. The usefulness of this process is very much dependent upon your data source and how closely aligned it is with the business terminology. When the data source is a data warehouse with conformed dimensions, I find automatic join creation more helpful than automatic object creation.
Qualifications of the evidence provider The IS auditor needs to take into account the qualifications of the person providing evidence. This is particularly true when evidence is in the form of highly technical information, such as source code or database extracts. The quality of the evidence will rest partly upon the evidence provider s ability to explain the source of the evidence and how it was produced. Similarly, the qualifications of the auditor comes into play, as he will similarly need to be able to thoroughly understand the nature of the evidence and be familiar enough with the technology to be able to determine its veracity. Objectivity Objective evidence may be considerably more reliable than subjective evidence. An audit log, for instance, is quite objective, whereas an auditee s or auditor s opinion of the audit log is less objective. Timing The IS auditor needs to understand the availability of evidence in the systems being audited. Certain log files, extract files, debug files, and temporary files that may be of value during the examination of the system may be available only for short periods before they are recycled or removed. Often, intermediate files are not backed up or retained for long periods. When an IS auditor is tracing transactions through a system during substantive testing, she will need to understand early on what files or intermediate data should be retrieved so that she can later analyze the data after those intermediate files have been cycled out. NOTE The IS auditor needs to gain a thorough understanding of the sufficiency of evidence gathered using ISACA audit standards S6, Performance of Audit Work, and S14, Audit Evidence.
I m sure you ve read a familiar warning on various product labels. It always advises you that, for best results, you should use some accessory whether batteries, paint brushes, or cooking ingredients that just happens to be made by the same company that made the product to which the advice is posted. And I m sure you regularly ignore such friendly advice. But don t, when it comes to printer paper.
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