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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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associated with the indices of refraction of the core and cladding of a fiber let s determine how light flows within an optical fiber. ,
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Visible light has a characteristic wavelength in the range of approximately 3900 to 7700 . Electromagnetic energy outside this range is no longer visible to the human eye. Another term sometimes used to express wavelength is the micron (10 6 m), which is a thousand times greater than the nm. The term mu represents an abbreviation for micrometer and is commonly used by astronomers. In the event you are curious as to why the Greek symbol mu was not used, according to legend it was not available in the typeset used initially by astronomers, resulting in mu being used to form the abbreviation micrometer. The following table indicates the representative wavelength of visible colors in terms of mu that correspond to our friend, Mr. Roy G. Biv , mentioned earlier in this book.
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R1 R2 R3 R4 Z LED 741
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Damping Ratio = 0.2 (Cs = Cf) Spline (k = 10) Optimized Polydyne
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illustrate a simplistic example of the relationship of components affecting the distance between amplifiers, let s assume that we are using a laser with 0 dBm of optical output power at the 1550-nm wavelength. As a refresher 0 dBm means that the output power equals the input power. , Let s further assume that the optical detector to be used has an input sensitivity of 20 dBm. Again as a refresher 20 dBm means that the , receiver is capable of detecting one-hundredth of the optical power injected into the fiber by the transmitter. Because we transmit at 0 dBm and have a receiver sensitivity of 20 dBm, the long-haul fiber-optic system becomes capable of supporting an attenuation of 20 dBm of light. Let s further assume that the optical fiber has an attenuation of 0.20 dBm/km at 1550 nm and the connectors at both ends of the cable have an attenuation of 0.10 dBm. From the preceding observations, we can compute the long-haul drive distance before optical amplification becomes necessary as follows. First, we would reduce the 20 dBm of allowable light by 0.10 dBm 2 for the couplers on each end. Thus, we have 19.8 dBm of adjusted allowable attenuation. Since the cable attenuation is 0.20 dBm/km, this means that the permissible long-haul distance becomes 19.8 dBm, which at 0.20 dBm/km, results in 99 km. Now that we have an appreciation for the major components associated with an optical transmission system and how they can govern the obtainable transmission distance before optical amplification becomes necessary , let s devote the remainder of this chapter to identifying the primary components of an optical transmission system other than the optical cable that was discussed in 3.
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knocked on (to rap or tap on some thing) knocked out (to cause to lose consciousness; slang, informal, used in business writing: to be extremely impressed) Before entering, I knocked on the door. When I pushed open the door, it hit his head and he was knocked out. Slang: I was knocked out by Matthew s terri c idea. speak to (inform) speak with (share ideas with) Mr. Peterson insists on speaking to them personally about the schedule. Mr. Peterson hopes you ll speak with them about the schedule. to (up to but not including x) through (up to and including x) The leak spread to the chairman s of ce. The leak spread through the chairman s of ce. Prepositions can be tricky. Use the above listing as a guide, so you ll be certain to avoid common pitfalls.
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Cisco ASA Configuration
The C# Language
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