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Input refers to the information given to a software tool that describes an action to be taken. Graphical input refers to graphically with the mouse establishing the size and/or location of elements in a model. Numeric input provides this information with the keyboard, i.e., numbers. Both ways can provide accurate information to the computer, but care has to be taken to avoid unintended errors when providing input. Strict adherence to accuracy in modeling and information input can make life in the BIM world far more manageable.
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Here are the next two lines in the program:
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and CTRL+SHIFT perform the same modifiers as they do with other shapes. One unique characteristic of Complex Stars is that they have two control points: one for the inner, negative space, and one for the points. When you edit using the Shape Tool, holding CTRL constrains your edits on the control points to symmetry, but if you want a spiral treatment of a Complex Star, don t hold CTRL and drag any way you like on both the inner and outer control points. You ll probably want to assign a fill to a Complex Star as your first edit because unfilled Complex Stars aren t as visually interesting. The following illustration shows what you can create by moving the inner control point to outside the outer. Imagine the snowflake patterns you can build; and like snowflakes, no two Complex Stars are alike!
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Starting in version 7 of the OS, the appliances check to make sure that the DNS packet length doesn t exceed 512 bytes by default. According to the RFC, 512 bytes should be the maximum. If packets were larger than this, then they might be non-DNS packets, and the appliance would drop them by default. However, some DNS implementations bend the rules and can have packet sizes greater than 512 if you run into this situation, you can increase the maximum packet size for DNS on the appliance. Some other checks the appliance performs by default: Makes sure the domain name length doesn t exceed 255 bytes and the label 63 bytes Verifies the integrity of a domain name if it is referenced by a compression pointer Verifies if a compression pointer loop exists, which would cause an infinite number of lookups on the DNS server
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At a bare minimum, producers need to be familiar and comfortable with word processors and spreadsheet programs. You can build a reasonable schedule for a project using Excel if there aren t too many people and tasks involved. Beyond that, you will need to learn formal project management techniques and learn to use the software that supports them, such as Microsoft Project. These tools have features that identify dependencies among tasks, compute staffing requirements, and help you keep track of progress. After e-mail, Microsoft Project is the producer s #1 tool.
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Each Citrix Access Suite deployment must have at least one license server. The license server is the component that allows licenses to be shared across the network for different Citrix products. For users to connect to Access Suite products, they must first obtain a license from the license server. This process is accomplished in a couple of different ways, depending on the specific product being used. In conjunction with the license server are the license file and the License Management Console. The license file is stored on the license server and it contains the purchased licenses. The License Management Console is a web-based administration interface used to manage the license server. Licensing Grace Period By default, all Citrix Access Suite products ship with a 30-day grace period. If the license server cannot be contacted for any reason, the Citrix Access Suite products immediately go into a 30-day grace period, provided the Citrix product successfully contacted the license server at least once. This process is seamless to the user. Selecting a Redundancy Solution If a license server fails, the grace period allows full functionality up to 30 days. During this period, users are not affected in any way. However, based on the redundancy needs of different organizations, a few other options exist that can be used to supplement the 30-day grace period. The following outlines the recommendations for license-server fault tolerance based on business need. Table 19-11 illustrates the recommended redundancy solutions based on the business needs for an acceptable restoration time. The times given are specific to XYZ Corp and may not apply to all deployment situations. These times are provided as a general guideline for weighing the benefits and costs of each solution.
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 11 2.4 10.5 , VTH = 15.6 V RTH = 6.6 i(t) = 2.4 + 0.3e t [A]
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Ill 27-10
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The C# Language
SONET Multiplexing Functions
Bottom line: Of the three site options, the best choice is Georgia. My analysis used proprietary stochastic simulation techniques (see attached). Incorporating data collected from over one hundred sources, from the government and other public sources to interviews, the design of the model required creativity and diligence. All data was veri ed by fact checkers.
Headends and Signal Processing
Here is a quick synopsis of the ISAKMP Phase 1 commands you need to configure for L2L connections:
conjugated verb and another negative word after the second verb:
Allow the use of USB-tethered, Windows Resources | PDA Devices | Turn on CE based PDA devices automatic virtual COM port mapping Configure resources for the use of TWAIN devices, such as scanners and cameras Prevent cut-and-paste data transfer between the server and the local clipboard Prevent use of custom devices, such as an electronic pen (stylus) Turn off auto client update Resources | Other | Configure TWAIN redirection Resources | Other | Turn off clipboard mapping Resources | Other | Turn off OEM virtual channels Maintenance | Turn off auto client update
Amplifier Design
You must install the Password Manager Agent on all Presentation Server systems hosting applications that require authentication. The enterprise version of Presentation Server has a feature called Installation Manager, which allows for efficient deployment of MSI-based installs across a Presentation Server farm. The following lists how to quickly deploy Password Manager to your Presentation Server farm. NOTE Installation Manager deploys the agent MSI in silent mode, so no user interaction is needed for deployment on remote servers. 1. Create the Agent Installation Image MSI file, as detailed in the Password Manager Administrator s Guide. 2. Save or copy this MSI to a network share that will be accessible to all the servers in your farm. 3. Open the Presentation Server Console. 4. If Installation Manager was not previously configured with a network account, right-click the Installation Manager node. Select Properties, and then enter a valid administrator account, which has Read access to the previous share and Write access to all the servers to which you want to deploy the package. 5. Right-click the Packages node and select add package. 6. Browse to the location of your saved, previously created, installation-image MSI file. 7. Follow the Installation Manager prompts to deploy the package to all desired servers in the Server Farm (see the MetaFrame Presentation Server Administrator s Guide for details).
various levels of the hierarchy and select any members desired. In this case, the four quarters from each year of 2002 and 2003 were chosen. Notice that nothing is currently in the Background panel. By default, all dimensions are always involved in a query, but they typically are defaulted to the All level so they don t filter the data in any way by default. There are times that reports will need to be filtered by data that is not otherwise displayed as part of the chart or grid. For example, this report could have its name changed to Bikes Quantity Sold and the data could be filtered by bikes. To do this, the Product.Product Categories dimension hierarchy could be placed in the Background panel and then just the Bikes member selected. This would filter the entire report without having to actually display Bikes on the bottom axis or as part of the series. Once the Analytic Chart has been created, it appears static in the Design pane. However, there is a Browse button that opens the report in a viewer window, and once this is rendered, the report contains some limited interactivity. Specifically, the bars of the chart are live, clickable regions. Clicking on a bar drills down one level in the hierarchy that is placed in the series. Given that in this example, a measure was placed in the Series, there s no drill down available. However, users can right-click on a bar, choose Drill Down To, and then drill down on any dimension. The user can also basically switch the report from drilling down on the dimension in the series to the one in the bottom axis by right-clicking on a bar and selecting Switch To, followed by the name of the hierarchy. For example, the chart shown in Figure 5-26 has eight bars representing the quarters of 2002 and 2003. If the user uses Switch To in order to select the Time hierarchy, then clicking on one of those bars drills down from that particular quarter to the three months that make up that quarter. Clicking on a bar for the month drills down to the individual days for that month. The drilldown path is determined by the hierarchy structure; in this case, the Date.Calendar hierarchy goes from year to quarter to month to day, so clicking on the bars follows this path of drilling down. There are other capabilities of the Analytic Chart, which will be discussed in 6 when the analysis piece of PerformancePoint Server is covered. Creating an Analytic Grid is nearly identical to creating an Analytic Chart. One of the primary differences is that rather than a Series panel, in this case there is a Rows panel. When building charts, it is not uncommon to place both dimensions and measures on the Columns, and other dimensions on the rows. Additional hierarchies can be added to the background if they will be used to filter once this report is added to a dashboard. The Analytic Grid will be discussed in greater detail in 6.
direction vertical-align vertical-align determines the alignment of text within a line, or within a table cell.
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