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FIGURE 14.8.
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The C++ I/O System
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Sales Compensation Design
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Zooming Lenses
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Figure 2.2 (a) The baseband audio modulation; (b) the 100 percent modulated RF waveform.
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Control object Child blend object repositioned and recolored
do not attack the problem at its root cause; rather than working to avoid the problem, providing higher value and less waste, these attempts merely try to mitigate the negative impact of the problems.1
Fig. 3-28 We start to nd the Thevenin equivalent resistance with this circuit.
var posNums = from n in nums where n > 0 select n; int len = posNums.Count(); // query executes here
Communications System Design
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num: 10 num after turning off bit zero: 10
In this case, both T and V will be replaced by int. This makes both versions of Set( ) identical, which is, of course, an error. Thus, when the attempt to call Set( ) on notOK occurs later in Main( ), a compile-time ambiguity error is reported. In general, you can overload methods that use type parameters as long as there is no constructed type that results in a conflict. Like methods, constructors, operators, and indexers that use type parameters can also be overloaded, and the same rules apply.
Once the DSV has been completed, the next step is to build the cube and dimensions. In Analysis Services 2000, there was no choice but to build the dimensions first and then build the cube. Analysis Services 2005 allows for the creation of the cube without first creating the dimensions. Instead, the cube building wizard can create the dimensions are part of the process. If it sounds tempting to simply walk through the cube building wizard and let it create the dimensions, it is. Note, however, that no matter how well the wizard does its work, it s almost a certainty that the dimensions will require some tweaks after they have been generated. Building a new cube can be as simple as launching a wizard. Cubes only understand DSVs, so the wizard will ask what DSV to use in creating the cube. Upon examining the dimensions in the DSV, the wizard can try to build attributes and hierarchies for the dimensions. There is nothing wrong with this, but by default nearly every column in the dimension table will become an attribute, and this can lead to many attributes that may confuse end users. Secondly, the hierarchies as determined by the wizard are often incomplete or just plain silly, so fixes are often required there. The Cube Wizard, as it is called, reads the DSV and tries to determine which tables are dimension tables and which are fact tables. Note that the wizard makes no use of the table names, so having the words fact and dim in the title does nothing to help the wizard. Instead, it looks at the relationships and tries to determine which tables belong in each category. It s also more complex than this, because a single table can act as both a fact and dimension table, but that is a discussion beyond the scope of this book. After choosing the facts and dimensions, it is often necessary to map a Time dimension. Time or Date dimensions exist in almost every cube. There are certain functions built into Analysis Services that only work when a dimension has been identified as a Time dimension. These functions are useful for performing actions such as period over period growth calculations, moving averages, and so forth. The ability to map a Time dimension to expected time values is flexible and includes both calendar and fiscal categories. The wizard next tries to determine the measures that exist in the fact tables. Normally the wizard does a decent job identifying the measures by looking in the fact tables for numeric columns. Sometimes it includes some of the foreign keys
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