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PDH Networks PDH Networks: Principles of Digital Transmission 155
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In Microsoft Word, for example, pressing shift and F7 brings up the synonym nder. Highlight the word or phrase you re trying to replace and consider your options. Once you ve found a synonym, you can dig deeper for other related words. By clicking on look up, you re able to discover subtle relationships between words that may lead you to ideas that you otherwise might not have considered. When you toss a rock into still water, circles radiate out. As you move from one word to another, the relationship between the words is like this ripple effect in the water. As you consider Hannah s list of alternatives to highest, note that there are subtle differences in the meaning of each word. Here s the list she came up with: nest best most excellent preeminent astral stratospheric top-drawer superior top
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ASA Product Family
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Router Router
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DSP Dynamic range
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Data and Observations
Our behaviors and our individual characteristics are competency indicators. Your outer behavior is fueled by your inner truth. What you do and the actions you take reflect what you believe in, how you feel about things, and what you know to be true up to this moment in time.
which will increase the power requirements. Do you have an efficient drive train, or are you using power-robbing worm gears How fast do you want to go An internal combustion engine produces its peak horsepower at about 90 percent of its maximum RPM, and peak torque is produced at about 50 percent of maximum RPM. The higher the RPM, the more energy it consumes. Compare this to the PMDC motor, which consumes the most energy and develops its peak torque at zero RPM. It consumes little energy at maximum RPM, and it produces its peak horsepower at 50 percent of its unloaded speed. At 50 percent of maximum speed, the PMDC motor will draw half of its maximum stalled current, as seen earlier in Figure 4-1. Unfortunately, much of the current going into the motor at this high power level is turned into heat. Figure 4-2 shows how much heat is generated in the example motor used to create the statistics in Figure 4-1. It is obvious to see that the minimum amount of heating occurs when running the motor near its maximum speed and efficiency. It can also be seen in Figure 4-2 that as the motor torque increases, a near exponential increase in motor heat results. Motors can tolerate this amount of heat only for short periods of time. Continuously running a motor above the maximum power output level will seriously damage or destroy it, depending on how conservatively the manufacturer rated the motor. Many motors are rated to operate continuously at a certain voltage. You can increase the power of your motor by increasing the voltage. Figure 4-3 shows how a motor s speed, torque, and current draw are affected by increasing the input voltage to the motor. In Figure 4-3, you can see that the motor speed is doubled
Online Email Service Email is stored by the vendor, and accessed by the client.
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