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Robot Wars
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The C# Language
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which lets the user change the measure on each axis, but there s an easier way as well: each Axis has a small button next to the measure name which, when pressed, will show a list of all the measures. In this way, the user can easily change measures on the fly. Finally, right-clicking also shows an option called Perspective Wizard which simply runs the wizard again, allowing for other choices to be made. It s important to note that this example selected the individual products but all other dimensions were left at their default values. However, nothing prevents the user from selecting members from multiple dimensions. For example, the user might choose individual products in the Product dimension and individual countries in the Geography dimension. In fact, the user could do something as detailed as individual products and individual customers, but this could produce thousands of data points and might be hard to analyze even in the perspective chart. In addition, all queries so far in this chapter have taken no more than a few seconds on the my admittedly underpowered virtual machine. A query of all customers and all products, however, takes over ten minutes before the machine runs out of memory. Most users who ask
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interface IMyIF { int MyMeth(int x); }
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The prototype for setjmp( ) is in <setjmp.h>. The setjmp( ) function saves the contents of the system stack in the buffer envbuf for later use by longjmp( ). The setjmp( ) function returns zero upon invocation. However, when longjmp( ) executes, it passes an argument (always nonzero) to setjmp( ), which appears to be setjmp( ) s return value. See longjmp( ) for additional information.
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What are the signs and symptoms indicative of significant cardiovascular disease
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Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
TIP The Format dialog invoked from the pop-up menu has more extensive options than those in the
IP protocol IP protocol information, like TCP/UDP port numbers or ICMP message types
The onset of a disaster may cause personnel to be stranded at a work location, possibly for several days. This can be caused by a number of reasons, including inclement weather that makes travel dangerous, or by transportation infrastructure that is damaged or blocked with debris. Emergency supplies should be laid up at a work location and made available to personnel stranded there, regardless of whether they are supporting a recovery effort or not (it s also possible that severe weather or a natural or man-made event could make transportation dangerous or impossible). A disaster can also prompt employees to report to a work location (at the primary location or at an alternate site) where they may remain for days at a time, even around the clock if necessary. A situation like this may make the need for emergency supplies less critical, but it still may be beneficial to the recovery effort to make supplies available to support recovery personnel. An organization stocking emergency supplies at a work location should consider including Drinking water Food rations First-aid supplies Blankets Flashlights Battery or crank-powered radio
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
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Workplace Behaviors of Twos
protocol enables the V5.2 applications at the MGC to utilize the native V5.2 functions on the access network side of the SG. V5UA has a registered port number of 5675.
Vanishing point properties
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