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At Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, biometrics are used for passport control. Specifically, the biometric system directs its users Israeli citizens and other frequent travelers to automated inspection kiosks for fast processing. Users of the program, who have been vetted, are considered low-risk travelers from a security stand point. The biometrically enabled processing allows the authorities to focus their resources on the perceived risky travelers. Users are first enrolled and the system captures and stores their biographic information and their hand geometry pattern. When they arrive at the airport, they proceed to an entry kiosk where they use their credit cards for initial identification. The system then validates their hand geometry. The system significantly reduces the time required to get through passport control. Before implementation, passengers at peak travel times would often spend up to one hour waiting in passport control lines. Now automated inspection takes less than 15 seconds. The system processes 50,000 passengers a month and has already done more than one million inspections. Users pay an annual fee to enroll.
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Dynamically allocated storage is obtained at run time. Thus, dynamic allocation makes it possible for your program to create variables during its execution, and it can create as many or as few variables as required, depending upon the situation. This makes dynamic allocation especially valuable for data structures such as linked lists and binary trees, which change size as they are used. Dynamic allocation for one purpose or another is an important part of nearly all real-world programs. Memory to satisfy a dynamic allocation request is taken from the heap. As you might guess, it is possible, under fairly extreme cases, for free memory to become exhausted. Therefore, while dynamic allocation offers greater flexibility, it, too, is finite.
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External development
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9: Interfaces, Structures, and Enumerations
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Technical obstacles to SaaS have included an effective, multitenant architecture. This has become less and less of a problem due to virtualization, but designing an application to efficiently deliver it to thousands of customers via the Internet is hard work. Another problem is that software companies are being asked to become service companies, and the two don t necessarily mesh well. They tend to have a corporate culture that is dominated by engineering innovation and a license-sales mindset. These are fine traits to have if you re writing programs and applications, but it s not the best when you re called upon for customer service. Further, a business model that is built on selling licensed software does not easily transform into a subscription model very cleanly. Not only does the vendor face challenges, but so does the customer. While some applications are ideal for SaaS, others are not good to use employing an SaaS model. For example, Business Intelligence (BI) is tough to translate to a traditional SaaS approach. The data schemes and transactions are usually very complex, and the customer s configuration requirements vary from customer to customer. The application requires intensive processing, so it is not attractive to the vendor to provide the burden needed for this highCPU infrastructure. Also, considering the bandwidth cost and network performance for the transfer of BI data, it gets very expensive very fast. But as SaaS providers become more sophisticated in the customization of their offerings, BI will also flourish because organizations will not want to keep the expertise or hardware around to successfully run their own BI operations.
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Subscribers per Customer Location
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Why Data Types Are Important
14. Tengo una cita muy importante. Por qu hay un retraso Cu ndo va a despegar el avi n 15. Quiero cambiar doscientos d lares americanos en euros. Cu l es la tasa (el tipo) de cambio del d lar hoy 16. Compr un reloj de plata, dos botellas de ron, y juguetes para mis ni os. 17. Para empezar quiero gazpacho. Entonces quiero paella de mariscos y una ensalada. Voy a tomar vino blanco con mi comida. 18. No me gustar a ir a una corrida de toros. Pienso que es demasiado violenta. 19. Quisiera reservar una mesa para cuatro personas para esta noche a las ocho y media. 20. Tengo un problema con el coche que alquil . Los frenos no funcionan bien y tengo miedo de conducir el coche. 21. Diga. Necesito informaci n acerca del concierto de esta noche. A qu hora empieza y cu nto cuestan los billetes 22. Lo siento mucho. Voy a llegar tarde porque tengo una goma pinchada y tengo que repararla. Llegar en una media hora. 23. Me siento mal. Tengo un dolor de est mago y no tengo ganas de comer. Tambi n tengo fiebre. Puede Ud. ayudarme 24. Cu ntos a os tiene su primo(a) De d nde es C mo es Cu l es su profesi n
Data Modeling
Best Practices and the Future of Cloud Computing
Monitor for signs of sepsis (vital signs, CBC, chest x-ray/EKG, urine output) If there is no response to antibiotics, drain transvaginally or perform exploratory laparotomy
16: Government and Military Programs
Primary vs. Secondary Some users log in to InfoView to develop their own reports, refresh queries, and interactively analyze the data. These are primary users whom you will grant access to in the CMC. However, you will also have a secondary segment of users who consume the information provided by report authors and analysts. These secondary users may never log directly in to BusinessObjects XI; in fact, they may not even know BusinessObjects XI exists (unless you do some proactive promotion, covered in 4). They know only that they get a report via e-mail or a corporate intranet. For all they know, the data came directly out of one ERP screen. It will be hard for you to estimate the size of this secondary user segment, but in many instances, some of your most important customers are in this secondary user segment. Let s say the VP of Marketing receives BusinessObjects-generated PDF files via e-mail on a regular basis. These standard reports are critical for the VP. The VP s administrative assistant is the one who developed the initial reports and scheduled them via InfoView. The assistant makes sure the reports are generated and delivered as needed. Meanwhile, as more users access the system, the Job Server is getting overloaded. Some reports run much later than requested; some fail to execute. The primary user, the administrative assistant, may be the one to shout, but it is the secondary user, the VP of Marketing, that can most likely approve funding for an additional server. Also, it is this secondary customer who has never logged directly in to InfoView who will most likely see the business potential of products you have not yet implemented, such as Dashboard Manager or Enterprise Performance Manager. Job Level A user s job level will affect the breadth of data the user wants to access (number of reports and universes) and the level of detail. Executive-level jobs may need a broad set of data but without a lot of detail. Analyzing the data is a minor part of these jobs, so these may be the people for whom you want to develop a dashboard with key performance indicators, whether a My InfoView page or an interactive dashboard via Dashboard Manager. Mid-level jobs may still need a broad set of data but with more detail. The combination of broad data requirements and more detailed data may make it hard to deliver only dashboards. They may need access to multiple InfoView folders, multiple documents, and ad hoc access. Entry-level accounts payable clerks or customer service representatives may want to see only very detailed data. As their information requirements are narrow, these users may need only a few standard reports with interactive prompts; they may access BusinessObjects XI often, constantly refreshing a document for a particular account, customer, date range, and so on. Job Function You also can segment users according to job function. Supply chain users
Figure 6.22 Generalized Block Diagram of a VC-1 Encoder 6-52 Figure 6.23 Generalized Block Diagram of an AVC Encoder 6-53 Figure 6.24 Block Diagram of a Dolby TrueHD Decoder 6-54 Figure 6.25 Block Diagram of a DTS-HD Lossless Decoder 6-55 Figure 6.26 Example of Virtual Package 6-56 Table 6.1 Blu-ray Disc Association Technical Expert Groups 6-1 Table 6.2 Blu-ray disc Association Specification Books 6-2 Table 6.3 Guide to BD Alphabet Soup 6-3 Table 6.4 General Characteristics of BDMV Presentation Data 6-7 Table 6.5 Comparison of HDMV and BD-J Features 6-9 Table 6.6 Navigation Commands 6-13 Table 6.7 Player Status Registers (PSRs) 6-14 Table 6.8 User Operations (UO) 6-17 Table 6.9 Virtual Key (VK) Events 6-18 Table 6.10 Supported Resolutions and Frame Rates for Primary Video on Blu-ray Disc 6-20 Table 6.11 Recommended Data Rate Limitations for Camera Angles 6-23 Table 6.12 Allowed Combinations of Primary and Secondary Video Codecs 6-24 Table 6.13 Allowed Combinations of Primary and Secondary Video Formats 6-24 Table 6.14 Supported Primary Audio Formats for Blu-ray 6-26 Table 6.15 Supported Secondary Audio Formats for Blu-ray 6-29 Table 6.16 Correlation of PSD 13 Settings to MPAA Ratings 6-31 Table 6.17 BD-J Memory Overview 6-37 Table 6.18 BD-J API Overview 6-39 7 Players Figure 7.1 RCA Phono Connector 7-9 Figure 7.2 BNC Connector 7-10 Figure 7.3 Phono/Miniphone Connector 7-10 Figure 7.4 DIN-4 (S-video) Connector 7-10 Figure 7.5 Toslink Connector 7-10 Figure 7.6 IEEE 1394 Connector 7-11 Figure 7.7 DB-25 Connector 7-11 Figure 7.8 SCART Connector 7-11 Figure 7.9 Type F Connector and Adapters 7-11 Figure 7.10 RJ-45 Connector 7-12 Figure 7.11 DVI Connector 7-12 Figure 7.12 HDMI Connector 7-12 Figure 7.13 DisplayPort Connector 7-12 Figure 7.14 Example BD Remote Control 7-20 Table 7.1 Blu-ray Disc Player Profiles and Features 7-1 Table 7.2 Examples of Compatibility Problems 7-22
When you run the program, the output will be as shown next:
Adding a constant a in front of the x2 either sharpens (a > 1) or flattens (a < 1) the graph. A negative value causes the curve to open down.
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