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3: Female Anatomy
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SELECT StdMajor, AVG(StdGPA) AS AvgGpa FROM Student WHERE StdClass IN ('JR , 'SR') GROUP BY StdMajor HAVING AVG (StdGPA) > 3.1
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A Second Exception Example
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If a game idea has evolved from earlier games or other entertainment media, it is easily understandable to anyone who hears about it. For example, a friend and I once pitched an idea to a producer as Diablo meets The X-Files in 3-D. If you were to cross Diablo (fairly fast combat action from an aerial perspective above a small party of people) with The X-Files (mysterious supernatural conspiracies set in the present day) you would get our game, which we had decided to call Psychic Warriors. We hoped that, by summarizing the game idea in a single, crisp sentence (known as a high concept ), it would appeal to the producer and the marketing people whose job it would be to sell the game to the public. The longer it takes to explain an idea, the more likely you are to lose someone s attention and interest. As you can imagine, this evolutionary approach has given rise to a world of games that look somewhat alike. Some are even derisively called clones games with identical play mechanics and nothing but some new graphics slapped on. During the heyday of the Super Nintendo console, a few publishers became notorious for producing clones: side-scrolling games that were all alike except for their appearance. The alternative, a revolutionary game, is much harder to persuade a publisher to build, and even if they do build it, it s harder to sell to the public. Players like their cozy, familiar genres. When a player puts down his money for a role-playing game or flight simulator, he knows what to expect: what sorts of challenges he will face, decisions he will make, and actions he will take. Asking a player to buy a revolutionary game a type of game the world has never seen before is asking him to gamble $50 or so on a game that he may end up hating. But when the revolution succeeds, the rewards are enormous. Power, glory, riches! A new kind of game is born and you were part of it. To a creative person there is no finer feeling. The Sims is such a game a runaway bestseller whose publisher never really believed in it until its colossal popularity showed them how wrong they were. Electronic Arts only grudgingly allowed Will Wright, the designer, to make The Sims because he already had a string of hit games. Interestingly, The Sims was not the first game of its kind. It borrows a number of ideas from a much earlier game called Little Computer People, but Little Computer People was ahead of its time; the public wasn t ready for it. Which brings up a point: Sometimes you can only have a revolution when the conditions are right.
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Administrators can define what users see in the Options dialog box of the Program Neighborhood Agent and also what options they can and cannot customize. Each setting as well as the settings that can be customized are detailed next. By default, users can access the Program Neighborhood Agent Options dialog box from the Windows system tray. Administrators may choose to hide or display certain sections in the Options dialog box of the Program Neighborhood Agent system tray icon, including the Server Options, Application Display, Application Refresh, Session Options, and Reconnect Options. NOTE: Changing these parameters directly affects the contents of the Options dialog box for all users affected by the configuration file you are modifying. If you remove an option from the Options dialog box, users cannot customize any options in those areas. Enabling and Disabling User-Customizable Options This section contains an overview of the options available in the Options dialog box, which are presented in the order in which they appear. Server Options The Server Options configuration includes two options to configure: the server URL and the logon mode. The server URL can be changed by right-clicking the PN Agent icon in the system tray and selecting Change Server. This option can be toggled on or off in the Manage Server Settings dialog box (refer to Figure 15-3). Providing users a choice of different authentication methods, or logon modes, may be necessary in environments where multiple users employ the same client device but require different authentication modes (see Figure 15-5). This allows you to determine what authentication methods are available to users, to force a default authentication method, and to allow a user to save their password. The definable authentication methods include User Prompt, Pass-Through, Pass-Through with Smart Card, Smart Card, and Anonymous Authentication. If multiple authentication methods are selected, users can choose their preferred authentication method from the Logon Mode drop-down list in the options of the PN Agent. If you do not want users to have access to any of these options, use the Configure Authentication Methods section of the Program Neighborhood Agent Web Interface site to hide the logon modes you do not want available (refer to Figure 15-4). NOTE: If you enable the prompt for credentials logon mode, by default users can save their password. To disable this function, clear the Allow User To Save Password check box in the Prompt | Password Settings section in the properties of the Configure Authentication Methods dialog box.
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database administrator a support position that specializes in managing individual databases and DBMSs.
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Palms, Soles, Nails
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Video games are turning up in a variety of other places: in seat backs in airplanes and in built-in entertainment centers in cars. There have also been efforts to set up in-air gambling systems that use an airline passenger s credit card number as a source of money. As publicly available computers appear in more and more places, we can expect to see games in them as well. These are usually considered specialty or niche markets, but they re all part of the industry s growth, and represent job opportunities for game developers.
A router with an asynchronous serial interface A modem
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2. Click the Effects button, click the check box next to Blend in the list, and click OK,
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