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Inserts a condition object.
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types. Be sure to Parse the object. When a user now constructs a query that uses the Balance object, BusinessObjects XI will always prompt them to Select the Day for the Ending Balance. The following example illustrates how prompts can become user unfriendly. In the following query, the user wants to see daily account balances and correctly includes the Day object as a result object:
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Theca lutein cysts >6 cm Larger uterine size for dates Advanced maternal age (>40 years) History of GTD Initial hCG >100,000 IU/L Histologic findings of atypia or hyperplasia
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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6. To change a style s properties, right-click the style and choose Properties from the
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Use or Description
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tions, however, anywhere-to-anywhere voice over the Internet is likely to remain a best-effort, low-quality service.
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Getting Your Words Perfect
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Interaction with Load Manager and Application Publishing
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. 123
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Evaluating decisions, after the fact Design decisions Process decisions Business decisions
Now, as soon as one task finishes, Main( ) resumes and the program ends. In addition to the forms of Wait( ), WaitAll( ), and WaitAny( ) shown here, there are versions that let you specify a timeout period or watch for a cancellation token. (Task cancellation is described later in this chapter.)
where BW noise bandwidth of the receiver, or approximately the 6-dB-down bandwidth (instead of the typical 3-dB bandwidth), and NF receiver s noise figure, dB. 3. The third-order intercept point (IP3) is approximately 10 to 15 dB above the P1dB compression point, and is the location where, if the gain slope of the receiver could continue, the undesired output third-order frequency products would be at the same amplitude as the output two-tone fundamental test signals that had been originally placed at the receiver s input. To compute the total cascaded input IP3 (IP ) of multiple stages of a receiver TOT (Fig. 9.2), use the formula:
Part I:
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