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Although not related to arrays of objects, notice how the two-dimensional character arrays options and resvals are used to convert between an enumerated value and its equivalent character string. In all enumerations that do not contain explicit initializations, the first constant has the value 0, the second 1, and so on. Therefore, the value returned by get_coloropt( ) can be used to index the options array, causing the appropriate name to be printed. Likewise, the value returned by get_res( ) can be used to index resvals to obtain a string representing the resolution. Multidimensional arrays of objects are indexed in precisely the same way as arrays of other types of data.
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full-client reports without modification in XI Release 2. Converting full-client reports to Web Intelligence reports is recommended only when there are certain Web-based capabilities you want users to be able to access. Expect the Report Migration tool to continue to be enhanced. The fact, for example, that there is a Free Hand SQL tab in the tool but that documents with this type of data provider do not convert suggests to me that the vendor has additional plans for improvement. However, for the initial version released with XI Release 2, according to Business Objects Product Management, if your document contains the following capabilities, the reports will not
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Figure 3.10, you will note three shaded areas. These areas represent common transmission windows and define the wavelengths used for most optical transmission. Thus, instead of operating at any specific wavelength, both lasers and LEDs are designed to operate at specific frequencies, resulting in specific wavelengths that minimize attenuation. DISPERSION Although optical attenuation is an important characteristic governing the use of a fiber, it is not the only characteristic that governs performance. Another important characteristic is dispersion. Dispersion represents the smearing or broadening of an optical signal. This phenomenon results from the components of light that consist of numerous discrete wavelengths traversing the fiber at different rates. In an optical transmission system, dispersion results in the spreading of a pulse as distance increases. Thus, dispersion limits the maximum data transmission rate or information carrying capacity of a fiber. Fiber dispersion varies with wavelengths and is denoted in terms of picoseconds (ps) per nanometer per kilometer. Figure 3.11 depicts the relationship between dispersion and wavelength. Fiber dispersion is controlled by the fiber design process, where the location at which dispersion equals zero is referred to as the zero-dispersion wavelength. The zero-dispersion wavelength represents the wavelength at which a fiber s information carrying capacity peaks. For singlemode fiber the zero-dispersion wavelength is located at approximately 1310 nm. Another zero-dispersion wavelength is located in the 1550-nm region depicted by the second curve in Figure 3.11. This curve is associated with silica-based fibers and explains why lasers operating at or near 1310 and 1550 nm represent two popular light source operating wavelengths. In an optical transmission system, light pulses represent the transmission source. Light pulses are used in essentially the same way as in an electrical system, where voltage or current is applied for a given period of time to represent a binary one (1) while the absence of voltage or current represents a binary zero (0). In other words, a light pulse of given power is applied for a given time as input, representing a binary one. At the receiver the light pulses must be recognizable, or transmission errors will occur. The left portion of Figure 3.12 illustrates the transmission of light pulses into an optical fiber. Dispersion in an optical fiber results in the broadening of pulses in the time domain. Depending on the amount of dispersion, it becomes possible
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Light Sources and Detectors
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Improving the responsiveness of our customer service organization or function Reducing the cost of providing the service
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to analog computers, cams are often used as correcting devices. In this manner, increased accuracy is obtained from the mechanisms. The rst step in the design of analog computers is the selection of the output scale, the input scale being xed by the fact that the cam rotates usually less than 360 for the full range. The scale choice is an important consideration. From the standpoint of accuracy, it is desirable to have the scale as large as possible, i.e., as few units per inch per revolution as possible. In this manner, backlash and dimensional accuracy will have a lesser effect. The second step is to establish the cam size and the sense of the follower movement, i.e., whether to move outward or inward for increasing values. This is chosen so that the steepest portion of the function curve is at the cam outer radius, permitting smaller cams for the same pressure angle limit. Generally, a maximum pressures angle of 30 is suggested, but angles as high as 45 have been successfully applied. In addition, the reader should beware of undercutting (see Chap. 6). This detrimental condition may be alleviated by increasing cam size or reducing the output scale. Figure 14.45 shows some computing mechanism cams used for precision machinery applications. 14.28.1 Cam Types In computers, we denote the basic function of motion relationship between nonlinear related parameters X and Y as Y = F( X ). (14.22)
Examples: Right([Social Security Number]; 4) returns "5555" when [Social Security Number]= "222-74-5555". Right([Part Number]; 4) returns "7A56" when [Part Number]= "Controller Arm: 7A56". Right("This String",4) returns "ring".
Frequency Synthesizer Design
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With static address translation, you need to build the translations manually. If you have 1000 devices, you need to create 1000 static entries in the address translation table, which is a lot of work. Typically, static translation is done for inside resources that outside people want to access. When inside users access outside resources, dynamic translation is typically used. In this situation, the global address assigned to the internal user isn t that important, since outside devices don t directly connect to your internal users they just return traffic to them that the inside user requested. With dynamic NAT, you must manually define two sets of addresses on your address translation device. One set defines which inside addresses are allowed to be translated (the local addresses), and the other defines what these addresses are to be translated to (the global addresses). When an inside user sends traffic through the address translation device, say a router, it examines the source IP address and compares it to the internal local address pool. If it finds a match, then it determines which inside global address pool it should use for the translation. It then dynamically picks an address in the global address pool that is not currently assigned to an inside device. The router adds this entry in its address translation table, the packet is translated, and the packet is then sent to the outside world. If no matching entry is found in the local address pool, the address is not translated and is forwarded to the outside world in its original state.
passes the address of val (not its value) to f( ). There is no need to precede val with the & operator. (Doing so would be an error.) Since f( ) receives the address of val in the form of a reference, it may modify the value of val. To illustrate reference parameters in actual use and to fully demonstrate their benefits the swap( ) function is rewritten using references in the following program. Look carefully at how swap( ) is declared and called.
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