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Figure 19-26. XYZ overall Access infrastructure design (minus firewalls and load balancers)
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It is surprising to me (and perhaps to you as well) that one of the most popular courses I teach for The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) is on marketing the BI application. Amid so many other technical subjects, a soft skills course still garners high attendance. Also, when I tell people I teach a course on marketing the data warehouse, they often laugh and say, What s to teach Marketing means just say yes. Ever the gullible consumer, I respond with, That s selling! Perhaps it s a minor distinction. The essence of marketing is first and foremost understanding what users want and only then developing what they want. This sounds like the mantra of many IT organizations who want to be more aligned with the business. A marketing plan can give you the techniques to better accomplish this dialogue and level of understanding. At a minimum, a marketing plan will help you develop a communication strategy and manage user expectations. Therefore, you want to draft a market plan early in the project, often before project funding. A marketing plan will help you articulate what you intend to deliver and why. As discussed under Product in this chapter, a marketing approach ensures you get used
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Related Functions
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Example Reservations Figures 8-12 and 8-13 show two examples of successful reservations. Figure 8-12 shows a simple case of one sender and one receiver. In this case, a PATH message is propagated through the
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Assets Cash Cash is cash. Marketable Securities These are short-term securities held as investments. They are convertible to cash at a moment s notice. A company may have them when it has excess cash and wishes to produce a higher interest income from the holdings. Accounts Receivable Moneys owed by a company s customers for services billed but not paid for. It is important that a company collect on these as quickly as possible. Accounts receivable are
TABLE 23.8 ITU-T G.783 Demapping Jitter Specification.
Whether the problem is to manage a large project with just-in-time delivery of component parts or subcontracted services or a just-in-time maintenance service, all can be done over the Net. The requirements are the following:
q y' = h 1 cos p b ph sin p b 2 q b y' q y" = q b y" y
FIGURE 6.10 Effect of curvature on cam and roller follower.
Figure 5-35. Bonus Formula Technique Example
Women s Health Issues
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4. Place the sample near the detector. The precise
Figure 14-1: CSMA/CD cable networks are collision domains A second alternative was to use the broadband coaxial cable, operating at a total bandwidth of approximately 350 MHz in an analog FDM technique on a 75 cable. As a technology, the broadband systems were well known because they were the same as CATV, which had surfaced in the early 1960s. As a result, the technology was well deployed and commodity priced. Moreover, the 350 MHz of capacity was attractive to the computer industry and the communications industry partisans. The issues began to surface quickly regarding the benefits and losses of using each technique (see Figure 14-2 ).
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